When Spongebob is tired... BATTLESHIP

Battleship game using when conjunction

instructions adapted from maya20:

To ensure Battleship goes smoothly, ensure the JTE first understands well how to play. I find it useful to do a demo in class with the JTE for students who have never played.

Students make sentences by combining the words from the column and row. If they can say the sentence, the other student says whether or not the coordinates hit or miss a ship. The goal is to sink all the ships, or sink the most before time runs out.

Keep the sheets a secret from the rival player. Follow the script on the paper for gameplay. If the coordinates hit, "Yes, he does." If it misses, "No, he doesn't." They should keep track of where they attack (Opponet's ships) and where they get hit (Your ships) by marking the space with a X.

Set up:
1) Pass out worksheet.
2) Explain the rules
2) Have students draw their ships on the grid labeled "YOU." Do not let the rival see it.
3) Divide students into pairs.

After set up, students should be able to play the game fairly independently by following the script.

Submitted by meglamb May 20, 2021 Estimated time: 15-20 mins
  1. vaudeville April 21, 2022

    The answers are incorrect.
    When SpongeBob is tired, he WILL drink coffee. If a miss, the answer should be; No, he WON’T.

    Better to say; When Spongebob is tired, he drinks coffee. (Miss) No he doesn’t.

    It depends whether you’re focused on practicing a future result or using WHEN to talk about habits.

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