Indirect Questions for Teachers and Famous Visitor

Group activities for practicing indirect questions

There are two activities.

I'd do Indirect Questions for the teachers first.

Students should work in groups to fill in the blanks on the questions go ask a teacher, write the answer and then move onto the next question.

You can make it a game using one of the game templates on this site or reward stickers for achieving certain milestones.

When a few groups finish I'd move onto the the next page.

Here the students imagine a famous person will visitor their school. In groups they decide who they want to have come and what they want to ask them.

As above make it a game or reward stickers.

This is based on a worksheet connected to my 'Once Around Board Game'.

If there is time I'll follow up with a simple quiz game using the indirect questions from 'A bunch of questions'

I'll include a link.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • 3-02B Questions for Famous Visitors.docx (1.18 MB)
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    Submitted by UonumaRobert May 21, 2021 Estimated time: The two activities should take most of the lesson
    1. Samu T May 31, 2024

      perfect lesson.....thank you for your hard work

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