Indirect Question

I know how to play the piano.

  • G3- JHS -Here We Go textbook - Kahoots by units

    Kahoot quizzes by units for JHS 3rd graders.

  • Minefield Game: Indirect Questions

    An adaptable competitive team game that has students writing sentences quickly to earn gold coins. I used it for New Crown 3 Lesson 7, with indirect questions. They loved it!!

  • Indirect questions

    Mini activity - worksheet

  • Indirect Questions

    This is not basically an activity, but for introducing the topic.

  • Indirect Question Quiz and Scrambled Sentences

    This is for One World 2 L8-2 Indirect Question "ask/tell". The quiz is stolen from rflowers and the Sentences part is stolen from UonumaRobert.

  • Inside Out Indirect Questions Activity

    Using the video clip from Inside Out, students watch and fill out a worksheet.

  • Fake Jeopardy (I know... / I don't know...)

    (for JHS 2年 Lesson 8-1 Indirect Questions (I know ~ / I don't know ~) Jeopardy wherein you can score even if you don't know the answer, by giving an I know/I don't know statement.

  • Do you know who they are?

    An activity for students to introduce a famous person, or someone who they choose.

  • New Horizon 3 Picture Hunt

    An end-of-year (or anytime after Unit 6) review activity for JHS3 Students. A picture hunt (using the NH3 textbook) followed by speaking activity.

  • NH2 - I know 疑問詞 - 2 Truths & 1 Lie

    Play 2 truths 1 lie to practice the key sentence [subject] know(s) [interrogative] [verb] blah blah... STS practice original writing, reading, and listening.

  • JHS New Horizons 2 Unit 5 Kahoot Vocabulary Review

    This is a kahoot I've put together for my students to review Unit 5.

  • Ask Me! Please.

    This is a very basic worksheet that covers page 60 (Unit 4) of the New Horizon 3 textbook. It has scramble questions along with changing questions to indirect questions using: ~ Do you know...?

  • JHS 三年生 Unit 4 Review (Pokémon Knowledge Quest)

    Review Unit 4 using fun Pokémon graphics to get students excited!

  • Do you know... Interview game

    A basic interview and writing game using the grammar point "Do you know how to/where to/when to/what to..."

  • I know how to celebrate halloween

    A Kahoot! for students to identify the difference between how to, what to, when to, where to using details about halloween and other Japanese festivals.

  • BINGO - How to, What to, Where to, What to

    A short bingo game practising indirect question form

  • NH3 Unit 3&4 Review Kahoot

    This is a short Kahoot Unit Review for NH3 Units 3&4 to warm up for a larger review activity.

  • Do you know...? Bingo

    Class mingle activity with various indirect questions (間接疑問文). Made for New Horizon 3, Unit 4.

  • Indirect Questions Kahoot

    10 simple questions to warm up and review the grammar.

  • Friendship Test

    Students use indirect questions (間接疑問文) to quiz their classmates. Made for New Horizon 3, Unit 4.

  • Splatoon Turf Takeover

    Write & race game where teams write what they can/want to do in each prefecture and takeover Japan with their team's color. My additions (art, worksheets, rules) to an already-existing activity!

  • 2 Truths and 1 Lie

    This activity will allow students to practice the vocabulary "I have", "I have never" and "I know how to".

  • What! Question! Word! Indirect Question Practice

    Simple activity for early indirect question practice, using groups and white boards

  • Minecraft NH2 Review

    Use a minecraft map and interactive mini games to test ss knowledge of NH Units 2-5

  • Grammar Casino

    This is a betting-style game for Indirect Questions or turning interrogatives into declaratives.

  • I don't know what a Kahoot is!

    This is a 12-item Kahoot! quiz for Indirect Questions or turning interrogatives into declaratives.

  • New Horizon 2 Unit 5 (Universal Design)

    Kahoot online game for the review of new words, contents and grammar in NH 2 Unit 5

  • JHS Ninensee Unit 5 Jeopardy

    Review game for JHS ninensee for unit 5 in the New Horizon textbook.

  • NH2 Unit 5 - Can you tell me where to buy bread?

    In groups, students use their tablets to find the answers to the question. Students then practice the target grammar with the ALT or JTE.

  • Minefield Treasure Hunt!

    Students look at the pictures and make sentences to dig up buried treasure - or a bomb!

  • New Horizon English Course 3 Unit 4 Scene 2

    A worksheet to practice the target grammar.

  • Question Word (gimonshi) Blast!

    This is a simple group activity to practice the use of indirect questions, specifically grammar from New Horizon 2 Unit 5. For example, "I know how to use these products."

  • Does your mother know...?

    A group "write and race" to practice word order for indirect questions

  • What Do You Know?

    Worksheet focusing on indirect questions. Created to review some of the grammar outlined on P59-61 of New Horizons 3.

  • One Piece Battleship

    A battleship game to help students practice speaking the target grammar point.

  • Comic Worksheet

    This is a versatile comic worksheet that can be used with games like Zapper Zoo, Pokemon Battle, Hello Kitty Fun Time, etc.

  • Indirect Question Battleship

    Paired game of Battleship using the 'indirect question' grammar.

  • I know how to play dice!

    Students carry out directions written on cards for a chance to roll the dice and score points. A mix of chance and strategy, with lots of speaking!

  • Anime Trivia Questions

    Target sentence practice for 3rd grade BLUE SKY 3 Unit 3 page 39

  • Indirect Questions for Teachers and Famous Visitor

    Group activities for practicing indirect questions

    1. Dan753 November 9, 2023

      For people using the Sunshine textbooks, be aware that this grammar point is split across two years studying different points.

      2nd year only covers "when TO" "how TO" "what TO" "where TO" "which TO," basically any other form of question is left until 3rd year.

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