Big Top Circus and Happy Clown Surprise

These are paired speaking games. Happy Clown is the bomb game and Big Top Circus is a Race and Speak game.


Added this to the 2nd conditional activity and you can find other versions with Krampus attack and my Halloween quizzes. It’s basically pass the bomb game with the letter squares being timers. Members of the group pass a beanbag around making sentences based on the key words until the clown pops up. Then everybody Laughs. Simple as that.


This is a Race and Speak game. The key words or the question appears at the bottom of the screen. The students think in groups and one member races to a teacher to answer the question. They then click on a colored balloon on the tablet to get points. The points range from 1 to 3 or a clown pops up. If the clown pops up the team loses all their points so far. Tough cookies.

Flow through the activity by first clicking the right side of the curtain to open it. Then after the students are finished answering the question click the number at the top to see an example answer and then the arrow to go to the next screen.

Regarding keeping score I usually have the tablet set on one side of the screen and the team point boxes on the blackboard at the other side of the screen. Once a student answers, and then clicks the tablet they go over to the other side of the black board to write their points. This prevents some of the traffic jam around the tablet.

If you aren't using a tablet one teacher is in charge of the computer and the other checks the answers.

The worksheet I have the students do on their own. Group work is great but I think ever lesson needs some independent work time as well. I usually reward stickers if they can finish my two questions. I often don't have time for more than that.

2nd Conditional Worksheet Note

This one can be hard. Depending on your class you might want to cut the happy clown game so they have enough time or use the simple version where the first part of the sentence is provided. In that case you might also want to cut the plus one sentence.

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    Submitted by UonumaRobert December 28, 2018 Estimated time: depending on difficulty of the questions or the number of questions you prepare this game take anywhere from 20 minutes to a full lesson

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