Schedule BINGO

Students make a class schedule and listen to get BINGO!

Have the students fill out the BINGO sheet with the school subject vocabulary they've learned.
-Make sure they don't put the same subject more than once in a day, but explain that they can put the same subjects on all of the days.
Once they've filled out their schedules, this is just a regular BINGO game. Cut out the provided card options, stick 'em in a box or a hat, and read out the slips of paper. I use the target grammar to call out the slip i.e. "On Monday, I have P.E."

- It is up to you and the HRT whether or not they're allowed to fill out the subjects in Japanese. This would make it more of a listening only activity.
- It can take a bit of time for the kids to write out all of the subjects in English. I let my kids abbreviate. For example Social Studies=S.S. Science=Sci
- If you'd like to add a bit of reading/speaking practice, walk around the room and let students pick the paper slip and read it outloud.
- If you can, give out stickers! Even though they're 5th graders my kids still go crazy for stickers :)

Submitted by ohnoko July 5, 2021 Estimated time: 15-30 minutes
  1. Tokushii June 14, 2023

    The students reading out the slips is a genius addition thank you!

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