I Can board game

A flexible board game for practicing "I can ~" grammar.

This is a variation on the "World Tour" game. This game focuses on using the "I can ~" grammar, and can also be used with "What can you do?"
1. Print out a color A3-size sheet of the game board for each group in the class. Each group will also need their own die to roll. The game works best with groups of no more than 6 students.
2. Each student chooses a marker such an eraser and places it at the start. Turn order can be decided with janken or rolling the die.
3. To progress in the game, each student on their turn chooses one action 1 to 6 spaces from their current space and says "I can ~.". You can level this up by requiring the other students to ask a question first, such as "What can you do?"
4. The student next rolls the die to see if they can reach their chosen destination. So if they chose "ski" and "ski" is currently 4 spaces away, they must roll a 4, 5, or 6 to reach it. Even if they roll a higher number, they must go to the destination they initially chose. If the number rolled is too low, the student cannot move at all and it is the end of their turn.
5. If you want to level up the activity further, when a student arrives at their destination, they can use English vocabulary related to that action, for example if they land on "see a monkey": "I go to the zoo. I can see a monkey." If the vocabulary they use makes sense, they can move one space forward.
6. The first student to arrive at the finish line is the winner. To make it more difficult, you can require an exact roll to reach the "Finish" space.

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    Submitted by Ringbearer852 March 24, 2022 Estimated time: 20-30 minutes
    1. martieeaster June 28, 2023

      This is probably my favorite activity on here!! I use this board for soo many different grammar points. For example, (after a little editing) it can easily be used for 'Do you want to ~", "Do you like to~" or after practicing the board with "ing" endings, "Do you like~"? I even edited it for my third year JHS students and it's always a blast. Thank you for this gift!

    2. AbbyALT February 29, 2024

      This game saved my life! I was looking for something in a hurry to do with my special needs class and by a stroke of luck I found this. Thank you so much for making this, I really appreciate it.

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