New Horizon 2 (Units 4-7) Taboo Words

Materials for the word game 'Taboo' using New Horizon 2, Units 4 through 7.

This resource is designed for reviewing vocabulary from the last four units of the New Horizon 2 textbook, including the "Let's ~" and "Grammar for Communication" pages.

The word game 'Taboo' involves describing a word in English without using it.

Students sit in groups of four to six. The role of "guesser" rotates each turn (though, the students can help their friends). When a student has successfully guessed a word you described, you can put a check mark in the check column to keep track. You might also record their group number. At the end, give a small reward to the team that made the most correct guesses.

Submitted by Keith Miyazaki May 13, 2022 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes
  1. greenteapeople November 21, 2022

    Hello! I am planning to play this game with my second years for the first time and I was wondering if the student describing the word would be describing it in English or in Japanese.

  2. Keith Miyazaki April 18, 2023

    The teacher describes the word in English.

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