Dobble Rules PPT

I was inspired to try dobble with my classes and made this short ppt to illustrate the rules. I used slight variations to make the game simpler for students to understand.

Use this powerpoint before playing dobble to show students how to play the game. I often use powerpoints to show game instructions so that I can avoid using Japanese during explanations. If you have a quiet class I recommend giving them the cards before the explanation so they can follow along. If your students are easily distracted its probably better to explain before passing out the cards.

These are the rules I used:
Each group of students (4 or 5 per group) gets a deck of cards face up.
Each student gets one card off the top of the deck, which they should place face up on the table in front of themselves.
The students compare their card with the card in the middle and say the matching picture when they find it.
The first student to say their matching picture gets the card and places it on top of their previous card.
Continue until time is up or all the cards are gone.
The student with the most cards wins!

Almost all the images are from Irasutoya.

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    Submitted by RoselleDesigns September 1, 2022 Estimated time: 5 minutes
    1. Reiji September 1, 2022

      This does a good job of explaining the rules. To be honest, I could never understand how to play all the various dobble games on this site and now I know the rules lol

    2. kingsumali September 1, 2022

      Hey thanks for the awesome idea? Should I just handmake the dobble deck?

    3. RoselleDesigns September 1, 2022

      @kingsumali Check out some of the other users that have made dobble games! Someone might have one you can use. Also, someone has posted a link to a website where you can upload images and generate the deck. I'll find the post and link it in the`inspired by' links.

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