NH Let's Talk 1, Can I/ Can you...

Worksheet for the Can I/ Can you...? Let's Talk 1 grammar point, page 64, New Horizon 1.

I'm adding this because I found it super difficult to come up with a good activity for this grammar point, and finally my JTE and I came up with this together.
It has been adapted from something that my JTE already had on hand, but we made it a bit newer and fresher. These are the general directions:
1. Prepare a ppt with the pictures and the questions that go with the pictures on the sheet (you can make them up or use what the textbook has written). I would have added the ppt as well, but my JTE made it and has it on her computer, so unfortunately I don't have access to it.
2. Hand the sheets out and explain that you will go through the questions that go with the pictures on the paper as a class using the ppt. The students can either try to remember the questions (they are also in the textbook) or write them down under the pictures on the sheet.
3. Go through the ppt so that the students know what the questions are.
4. Explain that each student can choose whether to put a O or an X in the speech bubbles that are empty. It's a total of 3 Os and 3 Xs.
5. Explain that it is a partner game. The students start by playing janken and the winner gets to ask the question. The loser gets to answer either Yes or No, depending on what they have in their speech bubble on their sheet. So, if they have a O on their sheet for the question being asked, they must say Yes. If they have a X, they must say no.
6. If the student (who lost at janken) says yes, the student who asked the question gets 5 points. If not, the student gets 0 points.
7. At the end, you can get students to add up marks and I usually give the winner a sticker.
Usually, 3 to 4 minutes is plenty for the actual speaking part as it doesn't take too long. This activity is a good activity to get them to practice speaking, but definitely you will need more than this for the whole lesson.

I hope this helps a bit for any who were struggling like me!
(I also couldn't choose the Can I/ Can you...? activity tag because it doesn't exist. So I put it under the next closest thing.

Submitted by deedeek October 21, 2022 Estimated time: 15 mins
  1. Beverbin October 28, 2022

    deedeek, this is very helpful. Thank you for posting!

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