Let's Go to Thanksgiving Dinner! (Worksheet)

The thanksgiving version of my other worksheet "I Went to a Haunted House".

Original game posted here as a Halloween game:

This is the Thanksgiving version of the Halloween worksheet I made. The Halloween version worked well for my technical highschools. I even got my most unenthusiastic high schoolers to enjoy it. It is also a great filler if your class finishes early and you still have 10-15 minutes left.


Get the students in groups of 3-5.

The first student will say the phrase ex: "I went to Thanksgiving dinner and ate_____" and add whatever vocab they want from the list. ex. (I went to Thanksgiving dinner and ate turkey).

The next student will repeat the phrase and add what they ate: "I went to Thanksgiving dinner and ate tukrey and pie."

Students will continue in a circle to try and remember the list of items other students have said and whoever remembers the most wins! If they run out of vocab words they can use any other food items to list off like sushi, ramen, soba, etc. I never limit what they can say as long as they're practicing English.

(It may be helpful to include pictures of the different foods listed in the worksheet. This worksheet is part of a bigger presentation I have for Thanksgiving).

Submitted by HolliAnderson November 1, 2022 Estimated time: 15-20 minutes

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