Kirby Shapes (& Colors!) Flash Cards

More flash cards of shapes made to look like Kirby, in different colors!

Basically user KobeALT's Kirby Shapes flash cards, redone to cover more color/shape variations! It doesn't include orange, though--sorry orange fans! I may update it another time..

2023 Update: I made the them into actual printable cards this time (I recommend printing/laminating on A3 sheets), and renamed the original file meant for printing on A4-sized paper. ...I STILL haven't updated the files with orange Kirby, however...

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Kirby shapes & colors - A4-size picture cards.pptx (1.55 MB)
  • Kirby shapes & colors - card sized cards.pptx (5.3 MB)
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    Submitted by larimarly November 9, 2022 Estimated time: 5~10+ minutes
    1. waivace November 14, 2022

      This is so cute!! I love it!!

    2. Hannah November 24, 2022

      This is so cute! Kids will love it.

    3. ratclass February 20, 2023

      So cute omg

    4. apantalena February 6, 2024

      Any particular card activity you use with this material?

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