What do you want? Fruits and Vegetables PPT Game

Students practice the phrase 'I want ~.' in response to the class asking 'What do you want?'. Click the item to see if they won on that slide by revealing a celebratory gif.

This is made for Unit 7 of Let's Try 2 and uses the vocabulary from the textbook.
Students practice the phrase 'I want ~.' in response to the class asking 'What do you want?'.

There are various fruits and vegetables on each slide, with most of them having a gif that is silly or of characters saying 'No'.
One item on each slide has a gif showing the answer is correct, with a sound effect of kids cheering.

There are ten questions, with answers in the notes.

If you want to make more slides there are three hidden slides at the end, you can copy your chosen slide, hide the answer box of the answer you would like, and delete the 'No' gif and add a gif of your choice. Make sure it's behind the answer box using the [send backwards] option. Then finally open the [animation pane] and go to the [effect options] for your answer box and change the sound effect from the 'Jews Harp' to 'Kids Cheering'.
Made in PPT, so using slides might break stuff, not sure.
Google Drive link:

Some people have been asking for editor level access, but viewers should be able to download it as is. Just hit file -> download, use a .ppt file and open it in your own slides or powerpoint file and edit it in your own version of slides/powerpoint.

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    Submitted by AsakawaSune November 21, 2022 Estimated time: 15min
    1. Umakara November 21, 2022

      I think you forgot to upload the file?

    2. AsakawaSune November 21, 2022

      Sorry! It should be there now, I forgot a slide and was re-uploading it.

    3. Umakara November 21, 2022

      @AsakawaSune thanks!

    4. waltergetubig0091 November 29, 2022

      Thank you!

    5. Delia December 2, 2022

      Thanks perfect for the unit!

    6. AsakawaSune January 9, 2024

      @waltergetubig0091 Use the google drive link to download a copy.

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