Passive Voice 3 Hint Country Quiz Worksheet

I made this for my students to practice reading comprehension! This is geared toward 2nd year JHS students who need practice with passive form.

Each question has three hints to describe each country, with 4 multiple choice answers to choose from. All of the hints are written in passive voice.

My goal was for them to think about other countries, maybe learning something new about a few of them, while practicing grammar at the same time! You can have students work on it individually to practice social distancing or have them work on it in pairs or groups.

Some hints may be challenging for students depending on your class level, so when I used this, me and the JTE would walk around the classroom, asking if they had questions or parts that they didn't understand.

On the backside, there is space for them to write their own hints for a country or countries. You can skip that part to shorten the activity.

If anyone uses this, please let me know how it goes! Thank you!

Submitted by letsgoenglish January 18, 2023 Estimated time: 20-30 minutes
  1. FJW99 January 19, 2023

    Nice activity! (but capybaras are from South America, not Australia!!)

  2. AsakawaSune January 19, 2023

    @FJW99 I think they might be confused with quokkas, which are similar.

  3. letsgoenglish January 20, 2023

    Thank you so much for letting me know! I've fixed the worksheet now and replaced capybaras with kangaroos. @FJW99

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