Passive voice

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Many languages are spoken in Indonesia.

Recent activities
Jeopardy Unit Review

Jeopardy game show style PowerPoint to review multiple grammar and vocabulary from different lessons in various question format. Best used to review before a unit test.

Tenses of the Verb Practice

The verbs in this PPT are from the back of the NEW CROWN 3 English textbook.

CROSSWORD Past Participle

This is a good 3rd Grade JHS warm up activity without the pressure of learning the grammar target of 3rd Grade Lesson 1 English lesson.

Castle Feud Japan

A moderately exciting row based activity

Passive Voice Country Quiz

A listening and writing activity for 3rd year JHS students using facts about different countries.

Magic Quiz

A family feud style quiz game

Passive Picture Guess

Students race to explain the pictures using the grammar point.

Passive Beginnings

This information gap game is pretty self-explanatory.

Find The Couple

This is a simple activity where students ask each other passive-voiced questions to find out which two students on their worksheets are a couple.

Seasonal Food (Shun) Game

Students guess the seasonal foods of Japan using passive voice.

A bunch of Questions for Quizzes

Questions lists focused on various grammar points

What Is This Used For?

A memory matching card game.

Summer Festival Quiz / Under the Sea Race

Almost Mario Style Race and Summer Festival Quiz

What's In The Bag

Students ask yes/no questions about something hidden in a bag until they guess it.

Connect 4

Students try to collect four passive cards of the same kind playing a game similar to the game, Go Fish.

Quiz Time (passive)

A quiz 3 choice quiz to review passive voice

Funky Sentences

Students work in groups to formulate passive voice sentences following guideline keywords given by other students.

Kyoto Invasion

A power point game that can be adapted to many lesson points

Cleaning The Haunted House

Two fun passive voice riddles that can be used after students learn to use the passive voice.

Uno Like Card Games

A speaking activity based on the Uno Card Game. The same deck can also be used to play Go Fish

Tools Of The Trade

This simple activity is to introduce the simple Passive Voice phrase " used by...", and to expose the class to various tools people use in their occupations.


A simple activity useful for communicating and reviewing target language.

Our Town is Loved by Us

Basic 'write and race' activity about the student's town.


A 'janken based' pair game useful for practicing many patterns. It is most useful for 'Yes' and 'No' question patterns.

Almost Pokemon Battle Game

This is a write and race activity the students play in groups.

Totally Awesome Quiz Game

This is a general use quiz game for various group quizes. It is a variation on the typhoon game.


Variation on Battle for Japan.

Battle for Japan

A write and race game based on the Senkoku Jidai quiz game found on the Englipedia site.


The students work together as a team to answer the teachers question in fun class race. I added one for Passive Voice.

Passive - Guess the food

Students practice the passive verb form by quizzing each other about food.

Passive Guessing

Students practice the passive verb form by playing an information gap guessing game.

Useful Japanese words

Students practice passive grammar by thinking of words that they want to teach to people learning Japanese.

In my house... (Passive)

Students write passive sentences to explain which people in their family do what things in their household.

Top 5 activities

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