Passive voice

Many languages are spoken in Indonesia.

  • Name Game

    Name as many things as you can to answer the question or prompt.

  • Passive voice worksheet/dialogue

    Here is a simple dialogue/skit for the children to practice passive voice and a worksheet about the history of coca cola using passive voice.

  • Past Passive History Quiz and Practice

    A short history quiz and an opportunity for students to make their own questions in the Past Passive voice.

  • Learn SCIENCE in English NH JHS 3rd year p. 32-33

    Worksheet and powerpoint presentation to accompany pages 32 and 33 in the JHS 3rd years textbook, covers all of the activities listed on those pages.

  • Passive 3 Hint quiz ppt and make your own

    Passive voice practice with an excercise in writing their own sentences in context.

  • A Fun Speaking Activity (If/when)

    Hi guys! This is a good speaking activity for your students to practice 2 grammar points at the same time.

  • Can/Must/Will + Be + Passive

    Short presentation and worksheet covering the auxiliary verb (助動詞) + be + passive (過去分詞) form (as outlined on p112 of New Horizons 2)

  • Stop!

    Fun activity to practice any grammar point.

  • Awake/Asleep Game Template

    Students are given a sentence one word/player at a time and then work together to make the sentence.

  • Pronunciation Heads and Tails

    Warm-up to check students' listening to vocabulary

  • Passive Form Writing Practice (NH2)

    A short presentation and writing exercise covering passive form (New Horizon's 2 - p107)

  • Do You Know Japan?

    A warmup activity for passive voice where students are given 3 hints and have to guess the prefecture

  • Verb Cards (Past Participle)

    3 cards (present tense, past tense, and past participle) for 12 different verbs. Can be used to play card games to practice past participles of verbs when teaching passive or present perfect tenses.

  • Passive Voice Review Quiz

    Similar to Magic Quiz, groups write (or say) the answers and if correct get to choose a character for points.

  • What is this? Quiz (Passive Voice)

    12-question quiz with hints written in the passive voice. Good for a short pair/group exercise to practice listening and reading.

  • BATTLE SQUIDS (Zelda: Wind Waker Edition)

    A battleship activity to practice passive voice. Based on the mini game from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

  • Passive Voice 3 Hint Country Quiz Worksheet

    I made this for my students to practice reading comprehension! This is geared toward 2nd year JHS students who need practice with passive form.

  • Made of/made from - review+quiz

    A little powerpoint I made to quickly go over "made of" and "made from" grammar.

  • Passive Voice Choose Your Own Adventure

    Practice passive tense as your class decides what happens to Tanaka-kun.

  • Spy x Family Quiz

    This is a passive voice review loosely inspired by the Forest Jeopardy Quiz Game and Casino Game.

  • Christmas in the Philippines

    This is an introduction to Christmas in the Philippines using the passive voice.

  • Campaign for Nature

    students use passive voice to advocate for the environment

  • Shocking News

    students practice passive voice by reporting recent news

  • Sit Down Elimination Games

    Students are asked a question and based on their answer they either stay standing or are eliminated and sit down. Great for short reviews at the start or end of class.

  • One Piece Battleship

    A battleship game to help students practice speaking the target grammar point.

  • The Prefecture Introduction Production

    A powerpoint and whiteboard review activity that asks students to recommend things and places in their prefecture while practicing making and using the passive form.

  • NH2 U7 Passive Voice Intro

    Introducing New Horizon 2 Unit 7: World Heritage Sites and passive voice grammar.

  • JHS Year 2 Board Game

    A simple dice rolling board game containing questions from the new horizons text book

  • Passive Voice Recipe Quiz- Let's Cook!

    Students use the passive voice to make a recipe. Then read the recipe to the class, and their classmates try to guess the dish!

  • Passive Voice Review Quiz

    Passive voice quiz from New Crown 3 Lesson 2

  • Passive Voice Quiz

    Passive voice quiz questions that can be used with the first time students are learning the passive voice grammar.

  • Passive Quiz and Fiat Feud Game

    Three choice quiz to introduce and a feud quiz to practice passive voice

  • Complete the Sentence (Passive Voice)

    Questions and sentence prompts that can be used with passive voice.

  • ONE PIECE Passive Voice Memory Game

    A presentation to introduce it then a card game for practicing.

  • New Year, New Me

    Teach the students about different new year traditions

  • Tic-Tac-Toe

    Students practice speaking the grammar point while playing tic-tac-toe with a partner.

  • Uno Cards

    Who doesn't love card games?

  • Jeopardy Unit Review

    Jeopardy game show style PowerPoint to review multiple grammar and vocabulary from different lessons in various question format. Best used to review before a unit test.

  • Tenses of the Verb Practice

    The verbs in this PPT are from the back of the NEW CROWN 3 English textbook.

  • CROSSWORD Past Participle

    This is a good 3rd Grade JHS warm up activity without the pressure of learning the grammar target of 3rd Grade Lesson 1 English lesson.

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