Who am I? Zodiac Animals Quiz

Simple quiz to practice Who am I?, zodiac animals, and body parts.

Made for Unit 9 Who are you? of the 3rd grade Let's Try! textbook.

This is a simple quiz game you can play as a class. The idea is to review the names of the zodiac animals (cat included!) while also practicing body parts, which the kids might have already learned. If they haven't, it's a great set of vocab you can use to flesh out the final unit if you find yourself with too much class time left and no ideas. Of course, the quiz can be played without body parts as a vocabulary objective, but it's made with it in mind.
Also to note- the zodiac animals are not in order because my class has already done a quiz with them in order and quite a number of kids realized about halfway through, which I felt ruined the fun in a way.

The animations don't automatically start because I want the ALT or HRT to be able to say a quiz question/ hint and have the students think before the animation gives them more of a visual. (also some of the animations don't really reveal anything helpful, which my kids really get a kick out of- so change if that's just frustrating to your class!)

The way I run it:
1. ALT/HRT gives a hint, gesture if necessary, and then click to run the animation. Ask, "Who am I?"
2. Have students raise their hands and ask, "Are you a (cat)?"
3. Present the answer.

My hints:
1. Tiger: This is my nose.
2. Mouse: This is my ear. (These are my ears).
3. Cow: This is my tail.
4. Sheep: This is my mouth.
5. Rabbit: This is my mouth. (yes, this is an angora rabbit, because I love them ...)
6. Wild boar: This is my nose.
7. Snake: This is my tail.
8. Dragon: This is my hand (foot).
9. Chicken: This is my hair.
10. Horse: This is my hand (foot).
11. Monkey: This is my hair.
12. Dog: This is my mouth.
13. Cat: This is my foot. (These are my feet. These are my toes).

Feel free to modify as you see fit!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Zodiac Animals Who am I.pptx (1.49 MB)
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    Submitted by altirasuto February 6, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. 9ristaru February 13, 2023

      This is useful and cute <3 thank you!

    2. KobeALT February 14, 2023

      I was just about to make one of these. Thanks for saving me the time!

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