My Future, My Dream Find your Team Game

Students practice asking and answering questions covered in Unit 8 of the New Horizon Elementary 6.

Similar to the Food Chain game, this card game is meant to help students practice asking and answering the questions covered in the unit.

The cards have a character, a school event, a club activity, a thing they're good at, and then a profession. The second page has the characters repeated so you can play the sets separately, but you don't need to make character cards a second time. They're just there so it's clear which answers correspond to which characters.

When you make the cards, I'd suggest color coding them. Each character card is one color, say red, the school event is a different color, say blue, and so on. This will make the game run smoother.

The first page of cards is to practice the following questions/ answers:
What is your name? My name is (Sakura).
What school event do you want to enjoy? I want to enjoy the (school festival).
What club do you want to join? I want to join the (volleyball team).

The second page:
What is your name? My name is (Sakura).
What are you good at? I'm good at (running).
What do you want to be? I want to be a (volleyball player).
(These questions are not outright covered in the textbook but the answers are used as reasons to the first section's answers. That being said, asking and forming questions is often a hurdle for students so I wanted them to practice more questions and included them when making this game).

How to play:
Review the necessary questions and answers.
Have an answer key prepared and display it on the board or somewhere students can easily reference it. (the answers aren't inherently clear like the food chain game, so students need to know what they're looking for)
Give each student a card (depending on your class size you may need to double up or add new characters).
Students will go around the room searching for their team. For example, we're playing the first page's card set and I have the "Sakura" character card. I will look for the classmate with the school festival card and the classmate with the volleyball team card. I have to ask my classmates, "What school event do you want to enjoy?/ What club do you want to join?" They must answer according to their card.
When students find all members of their team, one member keeps all the cards and they all return to their seats.
When all the teams have found each other, one member of the team introduces themselves. Ex: "Hello, my name is Sakura. I want to enjoy the school festival. I want to join the volleyball team." (with the second set included it'd go like, "Hello, my name is Sakura. I want to the enjoy the school festival. I'm good at running. I want to join the volleyball team. I want to be a volleyball player." (<-- as a note, this doesn't make much sense since in the textbook Sakura wants to enjoy Sports Day, but the JHS for my elementary students doesn't have a Sports Day so I changed it to events/ clubs at their future school).
If you play again, have someone different introduce the character each time so the same student isn't presenting over and over.

Ways to play:
Play with the first or second set only. (3 member team)
Play with both sets. (5 member team)

I've played with just the first set so far and plan to play with the second set next week. Then as review, I'll play with both sets at the end of the unit. We played 3 rounds with the first set and it really helped the students to get more comfortable both with asking and answering. Also, I found this activity lent itself as a good transition into writing their own rough drafts in the textbook. Then they can easily share what they wrote and ask each other after so much practice.

I don't know if every sixth grade class will enjoy this kind of game but my one class really finds these types of games fun for whatever reason so they had a great time. Hope it helps, feel free to modify as you see fit!

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