Elementary School Writing Rules

Students can look at this sheet to check their sentences for the most common mistakes

UPDATE: A teacher brought to my attention i had some wrong Kanji on the WS so i updated it. I blame the computer for choosing the Kanji i didnt want haha! Should be perfect now!

Hello everyone!

This is technically my first "activity" (Its not an acitvity) but i thought other ES teachers could use it to help students remember the basic rules of writing a sentence.

I usally print out this paper and give each student 1 copy for them to keep in their English File. You just make 1 big copy and carry it with you and put it up on the board if you'd like to save paper.

I only touch on 3 main points as they are the most basic and 5th and 6th graders are just learning how to write.

  1. First letter should be uppercase at the beginning of a sentence
  2. Between each word, there should be at least a letters worth of space
  3. When the sentence is finished they should write a period

Very basic but that is all they really need to remember at their age. This really saved me time last year checking papers as i didnt need to constantly fix the smallest mistakes.

They will still make spelling and sentence structure mistakes but its easier for students to see if theres less red pen on their paper :)

Feel free to change to your own wants or needs. You know your classes better than I do! (I dont know them at all)

The JHS ALTs im sure would enjoy it if the students could write better form the beginning :D

Let me know if this helps your students writing.

Submitted by Metapod April 10, 2023 Estimated time: N/A
  1. daniacampbell3 April 19, 2023

    Very concise and helpful! I added a handwritten note to #1 about their names also starting with capital letters before copying, but other than that I think they understood very well

  2. Metapod April 21, 2023

    @daniacambell3: Thats a good point to add! Ive drilled that into my students that they knew that before all the other rules :D. Always good to change things to fit students needs!

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