Problem Solving

Develops students' problem-solving skills.

  • Spoken English/Slang Quiz

    A powerpoint quiz for Junior or Senior High School students that tests them on English slang/spoken phrases. A fun way to teach spoken English that the students won't find in textbooks!

  • 3nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

    Review typhoon game for many grammar points in Elementary School English lessons - 3rd grade questions.

  • Review Jeopardy for 1st grade JHS (New Horizon)

    This game is a review Jeopardy for 1st graders JHS, it covers all the grammars they learned cover to cover.

  • Other ways to say “very + adjective” Kahoot

    An Altopedia user, juliahoolia, put some nice English board materials on here a while ago. I’ve made a Kahoot from one of them which might be useful for 3rd graders and high level/grouped 2nd graders.

  • Valentine's Day Idiom Matching Game

    Match these common Valentine's Day-related idioms and phrases with their picture and definition.

  • Kitty Care Pet Simulation (Future Tense)

    Take care of Lily the cat properly for her love or face her wrath.

  • Wordle- Game Board + Rules

    I made a simple Wordle game board + rules presentation.

  • 4nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

    Review typhoon game for many grammar points in Elementary School English lessons - 3rd and 4th grade questions.

  • No Prep Speaking Activity - Zombie Game

    Need a last minute speaking activity that requires no prep? The zombie game encourages students to practice speaking using the most recent grammar points, win-win for everyone!

  • Find the Box (Is there ~ ? Are there many ~ ?)

    For JHS 2年 One World Textbook Lesson 9-3 pp.116-117

  • Super grammar Relay - New Crown 2 Review.

    Super interactive grammar review activity for NC2. Students race to the back of the class, pick an incomplete sentence card, then race to the front to find the correct grammar card to complete it.

  • JHS Google Maps: Could you tell me how to get to ?

    Students choose a place they want to go by train from their school. Using Google Maps, they write a conversation where someone asks for directions to this place. Then, they talk in pairs!

  • I want to be a vet. Kahoot (Crown Jr 6: Lesson 6)

    This is a Kahoot to review the Crown Jr. 6: Lesson 6 I want to be a vet. Credit to HoriuchiSensei on Kahoot for providing a shorter version of this review that I used as a basis to create this one.

  • Sentence Unscramble 2年OneWorldLesson9-3 Let/helpme

    Groups each get an envelope with nouns, verbs, etc., listen to the Japanese sentence, and form the correct English sentence using the words. (flexible, for difficult grammar lessons)

  • Passive Sentences - Activity Stations

    JHS 2年 One World Textbook Lesson 7-1,2 pp.78-81 (Object + was + verb in past participle tense + by + Subject)

  • Simple Word Searches

    Word searches using vocab from the picture dictionary

  • Kahoot Second Year Unit 6 Review


  • How much is it? : THE PRICE IS RIGHT game

    Here we go 5 Unit 7, the price is right game. The food listed in this game are vocabularies they learnt in the unit plus the store where the food is bought or famous for. Prices are as of 2023.

  • Translation Relay Race

    Fun translation group game, minimal prep, good for large classes at JHS level, gets the students engaged.

  • As ~ as Pokemon Puzzle

    Students use the "as ~ as" clues to work out who the Pokemon are!

  • Finish the Map

    Students use the 'Hints' sheet to fill out the blank locations on the map.

  • What Colour Is It?

    Elementary powerpoint activity to help students review their colours in English.

  • Escape Game

    Your class is trapped and you need to put your minds together and escape.

  • HANGMAN! MAGIC LIBRARY - Past Simple (Irregular)

    Guess the letters correctly to save the hanging man! The basic form of the verb is shown and students will have to guess the irregular simple present tense. Made for New Horizon 1 Page 104.

  • HANGMAN! - Clouds Version: Past Simple Tense

    Guess the letters correctly to save the hanging man! This activity focuses on regular verbs. Students will guess the letters in order to complete the sentences. Made for New Horizon 1 Page 103.

  • 2023 Review Quiz

    10 minute or so warm up Kahoot

  • Super Snakes and Ladders!

    Super Mario themed Snakes and Ladders style board game!

  • I Spy!

    A group activity based around the I Spy books, or other similar material.

  • Asking Directions + Collecting Signatures

    This is specific to NH1 P94. It is a simple pair activity with a worksheet to help students practice how to ask directions. The pair activity could also be used for practicing another grammar point.

  • Shark Attack (Hangman Variant)

    A Hangman style powerpoint for elementary schoolers to help with learning letters of the alphabet, colors, and job titles.

  • Who Killed Kitty?

    Cluedo mystery game practicing Yes/No questions. Focuses on listening and speaking with minimal writing. What happened to Kitty? Use process of elimination to find out what!

  • JHS 2年生 (2nd year) 2nd Term Review Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy activity that reviews various grammar points from New Horizon 2. Great for an end of term review.

  • Christmas in the Philippines

    Power point presentations are boring for some of my students especially in JHS. That's why I introduce Philippine Christmas traditions thru games.

  • One Piece Squares

    A collection of activities for various units of the New Horizon books to be played on LOILO NOTE. Play the game "dots and boxes" and practice the unit in question.

  • Flash & Dash: The Adjective Challenge

    Sprint to match adjectives with pictures! Race against classmates, learn fast, and win the Adjective Relay!

  • Comparative and Superlative Review Quiz Game

    Quiz for JHS 2nd graders to review comparative and superlative. It lasts 30-45 minutes, depending on your students' abilities and how you conduct the game.

  • JHS (is/are/am) Review

    An activity to help students remember the difference between is, are, and am. We were specifically reviewing Unit 8 (be +動詞ing) but this can be used as general review if they're having trouble.

  • Who is this

    3 hint quiz worksheet to practice using plural verbs and introducing people

  • Simple NH2 Page 81 Activity

    Students will learn page 81 in New Horizons 2 and then practice the important parts of the dialogue.

  • Where is ○○?

    Working as pairs, students must navigate and give each other directions in their classrooms turned into their town.

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