Fortune Teller Activity

Fortune cards, worksheet, and powerpoint for "I am going to" or "I will" grammar points.

Disclaimer: The credit for the original idea and the cards goes to user @addyp. I just rounded it out to fill the full class time - I made a worksheet, powerpoint, and added another category to the cards/tweeked the card design little a bit. So I thought I'd share my additions!

Google Drive link :

1) There are cards in 5 categories -> house, job, gift, ride, place
2) There is a worksheet with "I am going to" sentences already written out. (You can change it to "I will" if you want.) Part I of the worksheet is for students to fill in their own futures, and Part II is pair work where they can ask their classmates about their futures.
3) There is a powerpoint which explains the rotation and the phrases for the students (if you're like me and can't explain well in Japanese or easy English)


-You only need to make 3 decks for big classes. Rows will be alternating between fortune tellers and the fortune teller customers. Each individual student from the fortune teller row can have the cards from a single category. (if theres six students in one row, two students may have to share one category. Or if there's 4 students in a row, one student may be responsible for two categories)

-There is a powerpoint that explains how the rotation should work and what the fortune tellers will have to say. This is where they practice "You are going to..." After going through the rotation, the fortune tellers and customers will switch (so current fortune tellers hand over the cards to the row next to them).

-After they get their fortune for each category, they have to fill out Part I of the worksheet
For Part II, all of the class should walk around and find 3 people to ask about their future and fill in the table. This is where they practice saying "I am going to..."

-If there is any extra time, some students can share their results with the whole class.

The kids really enjoyed it, so big thank you to addyp!

Small files
  • pdf Fortuner Tellers Cards.pdf (990 KB)
  • pdf I am going to - Fortune Teller Worksheet (ver 2 revised).pdf (256 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • fortune teller.pptx (3.08 MB)
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    Submitted by Celestar129 May 12, 2023 Estimated time: 40~50 minutes
    Inspired by Fortune Cards
    1. tkaw360 May 18, 2023

      Awesome activity!!! My kids had a blast roleplaying as fortune tellers and purposely tricking their friends to get the bad cards!!

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