English Riddles

A PPT game of sorts where students try to figure out a bunch of different riddles.

Hello all. I've made a game for my 3nen students where they have to figure out the answer to different English riddles. I've included picture hints since the students need a bit more help sometimes. I think the first riddle is the most difficult one, as artichokes are not the most common vegetable in Japan. I've also some included some explanations for some of the answers, like the clock face/hand, heads/tails on coins, and artichoke dip lol.

I try to give roughly 3 minutes for the students to answer per riddle, but if they need more time, it's totally fine. I let my students use an English/Japanese dictionary so they can read it and practice sounding out the words. Feel free to change riddles or add more if you think your students will answer them all right away. Most of my 3nen students are pretty advanced and we still take the entire class to get through the riddles (about 50 minutes). This game is pretty straightforward, but let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. :3

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    Submitted by sbeecee May 25, 2023 Estimated time: 50 minutes

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