'IF' Total Table Bingo

An Activity to go with NH2 'if' grammar point.

This is a good activity to help the students practice speaking with the grammar point.

The premise of the activity is simple. First, hand out the sheets of paper to the students. Then use the ppt to explain the rules. I found this to be very helpful in my students understanding the rules, whilst only using English. They did so well! I will say, it's a little rigid with the students unable to choose any of the options as all 3 options have been chosen for them. I wanted to make option 3 a 'your choice!' option, but for what my JTE wanted, it didn't really work. I think it would've been really cool to have that option.

The rules are easy. Students are to janken with a partner. The winner will first ask a question (any of the 5 provided on the sheet). Then the pair will answer, using any of the 3 options. There is a box underneath each option for the student who answered the question to sign their name. Then, they switch roles. So, the loser of janken would then ask a question, and the other student would answer, and then sign their name on their partner's sheet (if this doesn't make sense, the ppt does explain it a lot better). If more than one student answers the same option as a student before, that's fine and they also sign their name in the box on their partner's sheet. One of my poor kids got 5 signatures in one box...

You can play this game for as long or as little as you want. We gave the students 10 mins 1 class, and 8 mins the next class, and no student actually completed the whole table. I guess playing for 15 mins you could probably find some students with a full table. What I did is gave a sticker to the students who had 10 or more names on their paper. It's up to you how long you want to play and if you want to give any rewards!

The backside of the sheet has writing practice. This is where the students can practice writing 'if' sentences. I gave them the option of using the ones already on the sheet or making up their own. This takes about 5 minutes.

A final part that my JTE included that the students LOVED was me asking any one of the 5 questions to a volunteer, and them having to come up with their own answer. We got some really good ones, especially for the 'if you feel sick, where will you go?'. We got grandmother's house, the drugstore, etc. They did so well!

If you use the ppt, please note that it has my name and the name of my JTE on it. You'll need to change it before use. Hope this helps a little!

Submitted by deedeek May 29, 2023 Estimated time: 10-20 mins

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