If-clause board game blue sky page 33

Students will practice the If-clause by playing a board game. Originally designed for Sunshine 2 2016 page 51

Get students into their lunch groups.
Distribute a board game sheet and dice to each group.
Demonstrate the game to the class.
Students will roll the dice, move their eraser on the board and try to be the first to reach finish. (I don't want to give students dice so I use power point dice)

On the board game there are various areas that require the use of the If-clause. If a student lands on an If-clause box, then he or she will have to either provide the ‘if’ statement or the statement following the if-clause.
__________, you will go to university (Example answer: If you study hard)
If you study hard, _
_________ (Example answer: you will do well on the test.)
While students are playing the game, of course check each group and provide
assistance when needed.

Submitted by aggro crag June 1, 2023 Estimated time: 15 minutes

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