Unlisted Grammar

This is a tag for grammar points that haven't been created yet.

These activities are based around grammar, themes, or other material that doesn't have a tag. There's always a balance between making so many tags that nobody could possibly look through all of them, or limiting the tags so much that it's hard to find anything.

These activities will need to be recategorized at some point, but it's an on-going process!

  • What a nice present!

    A simple Christmas related activity to practice exclamatory sentences. Students write and draw what they want for Christmas. After that, they walk around and do the sample dialogue with a partner.

  • Save Tom the Turkey! (Thanksgiving Activity)

    A brief PowerPoint about the concept of the Presidential Pardon of the Turkey with a matching letter-writing activity. Heavy focus on fun, creative writing

  • This is my stew/salad/soup!

    New Horizon 6 Unit 6: A fun drawing worksheet to practice ''The ___ is from ___.''

  • What Should You Do?

    Students read situations and describe what to do using should, shouldn't, and must

  • Megumi taught me how to play BINGO.

    A classroom bingo game that practices the statement 'told/showed/taught me how/when/where/what to~?'

  • Want + Infinitive, Battleship, New Horizons JHS 1

    Battleship game supplemental to the early units of New Horizons 1 . It’s fantastic for drilling want, like, have, and need + infinitive questions and answers. Ex. Do you need to sleep?

  • I want _ to _, Battleship, New Horizons JHS 3 U2

    Battleship game covering New Horizons 3 Unit 2. It’s fantastic for drilling 'I want __ to __ want + infinitive with a mix of pronouns. Ex. I want my teachers to speak French.

  • May/ Can, Battleship, New Horizons JHS 2 U4

    Battleship game covering New Horizons 2 Unit 4. It’s fantastic for drilling may/ can/ may not/ can't permission questions with a variety of pronouns. Ex. May I eat some cake?

  • Murder Mystery

    Students read hints to figure out who the killer is. (reading, comprehension, critical thinking, teamwork)

  • Advice about Japan

    JHS 2nd Grade exercise practicing different modal/auxiliary verbs.

  • What chores do you have to do?

    A writing excerise and game to review chores

  • Kahoot HWG1 Unit 4+5

    A kahoot covering units 4 and 5 of the Here We Go! 1 text book.

  • Pi-Gru Dodgeball Game

    Team Powerpoint Game from Tay's Teaching Toolkit. This is for some unlisted grammar in One World 2 L5-3 p60 described as "{teach + (人) + how to~} means teach (person) how to do something".

  • NH3 U4 pg64 ~ Family Feud / 3年生ファイト

    I played this game with my third year class to get them used to speaking. It also helps with learning extra bits of vocab they might not usually use.

  • NH1 Units 3-5 Review Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy activity designed to review Units 3-5 of New Horizon JHS level 1 for exams.

  • The Ninja Saviors Card Game

    This game can be used for multiple grammar points in different grades. This game can be used for teaching units of measurement.

  • when do you (worksheet)

    four questions for students to ask/answer.

  • NH3 Unit 3&4 Review Kahoot

    This is a short Kahoot Unit Review for NH3 Units 3&4 to warm up for a larger review activity.

  • Animal Facts Interview Quiz

    Students to practice places and food different animals live and eat using their vocabulary through question form.

  • Sushi Scramble 'SVOO=that clause'

    @JoshJ's excellent Powerpoint game. This is for the very specific grammar point referred to as 'SVOO=that clause' in the One World 2 JHS textbook. I just entered the questions into the template.

  • Feelings Karuta Game

    Contains all the feelings/emotion words listed in the back of the New Crown 2 and New Crown 3 books.

  • Practicing conversation points in New Crown 3

    Practices 3 conversation points: confirm, change the subject and words that express feelings and emotions

  • Kahoot Second Year Unit 1 - Unit 3 Review (p.37まで)


  • Don't Catch Magikarp!

    A quick Pokemon themed quiz game!

  • Snoopy Weather and Clothes (slides and Sugoroku)

    A game for elementary or special needs students to help learn the weather and what clothes to wear! Snoopy themed for fun.

  • Adjective + infinitive sentence game

    Game to encourage students to make sentences using It is + adj + infinitive. ex. It is important to study English.

  • Reactions: Reference sheet and worksheet

    This is a worksheet I made for my JHS 一年生 , but it would work for many levels! The reference sheet introduces reactions and worksheet is for practice.

  • Units of Measurement

    A powerpoint for explaining the metric and imperial systems. Followed with a "The price is right"-style activity where students have to guess numerical answers for various questions.

  • A great idea. (Read and act.)

    This is a speaking and acting activity for Grade 6 OWS6

  • Bingo for dates

    Students trace the dates and select 9 of them to play a game of bingo.

  • 6th grade happyo sheet: live/ES/treasure/usually

    This is a worksheet to help practice the phrases to be studied in the 2nd unit of the 6th grade ES text book called New Horizon

  • If-clause board game blue sky page 33

    Students will practice the If-clause by playing a board game. Originally designed for Sunshine 2 2016 page 51

  • 6th grade New Horizons 6 Unit 2 I usually...

    This activity helps cover the "I usually..." grammar point in unit 2.

  • That節 (That -Clause) - Four Corners

    A speaking activity used to practice using that節 (that clause).

  • 50 States English Board Template

    A template that ALTs from the U.S. can use for introducing the 50 states

  • Slang Quiz: American/Internet/SNS Version

    This is a quiz made for end-of-year fun with my junior high school students. It introduces the idea of slang, why it is useful, the types of English slang, and of course, a quiz!

  • Year End Review- ES 1st Grade

    Year End review for 1st grade Elementary School .

  • My favorite place (NH2 pg118) Scavenger Hunt Essay

    an essay writing activity

  • Guess Who (Speaking Activity Game)

    "GUESS WHO" Each student selects a character and writes it down without showing it to their partner. They take turns asking yes or no questions until they can guess which character is the correct one

  • School map Directions game

    Directions game focused on the school this time. This is just like my other directions game but now navigating a school to find the students "favorite" place.

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