Unlisted Grammar

This is a tag for grammar points that haven't been created yet.

These activities are based around grammar, themes, or other material that doesn't have a tag. There's always a balance between making so many tags that nobody could possibly look through all of them, or limiting the tags so much that it's hard to find anything.

These activities will need to be recategorized at some point, but it's an on-going process!

  • (faux) holiday quiz

    This quiz is based on fun holidays that Japanese people made up based on the dates' sounds in Japanese.

  • Pac-Man Word Guess

    Students try to guess all the letters in a word before Pac-Man is eaten by the ghosts.

  • Learning Home Economics Quiz

    This is a quiz for the Home Economics p.19 in New Horizons 2 for JHS.

  • Taro's Adventures: Should I or...?

    Should I or Should I - interactive storyboard PPT where students decide Taro's decisions

  • Introduction to Debates Lesson Plan (JHS 3)

    A powerpoint and activities to introduce debates to JHS Grade 3 students.

  • Find Someone Who (Adult English Activity)

    A BINGO game for adult English learners (non-English teachers at school) to ask questions and learn about each other.

  • JHS (二年生) - Should I Cross the Road? / Shouldn't

    A very brief PowerPoint to practice the Should and Shouldn't grammar point with some humorous features

  • Small talk (Head, shoulder, knees...cup!)

    Flexible question and answer activity with the popular cup game, students practice speaking and listening skills

  • Active Voice & Passive Voice

    Active voice Passive Voice

  • Let Me Play Dodgeball

    Team PowerPoint game for the unlisted grammar in One World 2 p110. The game is from Tay's Teaching Toolkit and I posted it here before for different target grammar.

  • Common Mistakes Quiz Game and Written Quiz

    Year end Quiz for 3rd year JHS

  • Indirect Question Quiz and Scrambled Sentences

    This is for One World 2 L8-2 Indirect Question "ask/tell". The quiz is stolen from rflowers and the Sentences part is stolen from UonumaRobert.

  • Vocabulary Carousel / My Own Dictionary

    Students search the meaning of new words using the textbook dictionary. They read the example sentence and make/write their own example sentence. Done by group, in a carousel way.

  • My Favorite Musical - Miss Saigon

    This is a reading practice for Here We Go II - Unit 8 Goal -p.114

  • Have you ever...? Dynamite Game

    Practicing the question "Have you ever...?" students ask each other questions, hoping for a "Yes, I have" answer, otherwise they lose a dynamite when a student answers "No, I haven't".

  • Sentence Unscramble 2年OneWorldLesson9-3 Let/helpme

    Groups each get an envelope with nouns, verbs, etc., listen to the Japanese sentence, and form the correct English sentence using the words. (flexible, for difficult grammar lessons)

  • What a great game! Bad Luck Billy

    Simple Powerpoint game to practice "How + adjective! / What a + adjective + noun!" (unlisted grammar from JHS One World 2 textbook). The game is from https://www.taysteachingtoolkit.com/.

  • How cute! Othello

    Students practice the "How xx! What a xx ~~!" grammar pattern while playing 'freestyle' Othello.

  • SHOPPING (Shall I...?) - NH2 P93 JHS

    Dialogue worksheet that can be used to roleplay a shopping scene. Target language - "Shall I show you a bigger one?"

  • Rosca de Reyes Game! 🚼

    This activity is inspired by a Mexican tradition called Rosca de Reyes, which I would always do with my family during the holidays. I turned that concept into a speaking PowerPoint game.

  • Who Killed Kitty?

    Cluedo mystery game practicing Yes/No questions. Focuses on listening and speaking with minimal writing. What happened to Kitty? Use process of elimination to find out what!

  • What a nice present!

    A simple Christmas related activity to practice exclamatory sentences. Students write and draw what they want for Christmas. After that, they walk around and do the sample dialogue with a partner.

  • Save Tom the Turkey! (Thanksgiving Activity)

    A brief PowerPoint about the concept of the Presidential Pardon of the Turkey with a matching letter-writing activity. Heavy focus on fun, creative writing

  • This is my stew/salad/soup!

    New Horizon 6 Unit 6: A fun drawing worksheet to practice ''The ___ is from ___.''

  • What Should You Do?

    Students read situations and describe what to do using should, shouldn't, and must

  • Megumi taught me how to play BINGO.

    A classroom bingo game that practices the statement 'told/showed/taught me how/when/where/what to~?'

  • Want + Infinitive, Battleship, New Horizons JHS 1

    Battleship game supplemental to the early units of New Horizons 1 . It’s fantastic for drilling want, like, have, and need + infinitive questions and answers. Ex. Do you need to sleep?

  • I want _ to _, Battleship, New Horizons JHS 3 U2

    Battleship game covering New Horizons 3 Unit 2. It’s fantastic for drilling 'I want __ to __ want + infinitive with a mix of pronouns. Ex. I want my teachers to speak French.

  • May/ Can, Battleship, New Horizons JHS 2 U4

    Battleship game covering New Horizons 2 Unit 4. It’s fantastic for drilling may/ can/ may not/ can't permission questions with a variety of pronouns. Ex. May I eat some cake?

  • Murder Mystery

    Students read hints to figure out who the killer is. (reading, comprehension, critical thinking, teamwork)

  • Advice about Japan

    JHS 2nd Grade exercise practicing different modal/auxiliary verbs.

  • What chores do you have to do?

    A writing excerise and game to review chores

  • Kahoot HWG1 Unit 4+5

    A kahoot covering units 4 and 5 of the Here We Go! 1 text book.

  • Pi-Gru Dodgeball Game

    Team Powerpoint Game from Tay's Teaching Toolkit. This is for some unlisted grammar in One World 2 L5-3 p60 described as "{teach + (人) + how to~} means teach (person) how to do something".

  • NH3 U4 pg64 ~ Family Feud / 3年生ファイト

    I played this game with my third year class to get them used to speaking. It also helps with learning extra bits of vocab they might not usually use.

  • NH1 Units 3-5 Review Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy activity designed to review Units 3-5 of New Horizon JHS level 1 for exams.

  • The Ninja Saviors Card Game

    This game can be used for multiple grammar points in different grades. This game can be used for teaching units of measurement.

  • when do you (worksheet)

    four questions for students to ask/answer.

  • NH3 Unit 3&4 Review Kahoot

    This is a short Kahoot Unit Review for NH3 Units 3&4 to warm up for a larger review activity.

  • Animal Facts Interview Quiz

    Students to practice places and food different animals live and eat using their vocabulary through question form.

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