When are you going to (will) game?

A PowerPoint based timer game where students use "going to" or "will"

Have the students break into groups and give each group a whiteboard and marker. (You can also do this as a speaking activity if you wish if you want to skip the whiteboards.) Have them make team names if you wish to keep track of their points.

Show them the example slide and explain the game. They will see a weekly calendar with some (or all as the game progresses) of the days filled with activities. They will have 10 seconds to memorize the schedule. Then, the calendar will be covered and they will be asked what they are doing on a certain day (Example: On Tuesday, I am going to go to the moon). Usually, I give 2 points for a perfect answer and 1 point if it's almost right.

You don't need to start the timer on each slide. Once the slide transitions, the timer will start (and automatically cover the schedule).

Additionally, there is a bonus slide at the end with an entire calendar. I usually make that worth 5 points!

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • what are you going to do timer game.pptx (2.65 MB)
  • What will you do game (1).pptx (2.66 MB)
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    Submitted by NaganoSarah June 7, 2023 Estimated time: 20 minutes
    1. genieg June 22, 2023

      I love the idea. I'm going to use it when BOE comes to our school next week. thank you !

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