Short presentation about limericks.

For unit 2 of New Horizon 3, my JTE asked me to prepare an example of an English poem in contrast to the Japanese haiku. I've liked limericks since I learned about them back in grade school, so I decided to find some from the internet and make a powerpoint.

I got a kick out of making this silly thing so I thought I'd share in case some would like to use it as well. ^_^

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    Submitted by ArianneO June 9, 2023 Estimated time:
    1. Beestonian June 11, 2023

      Great idea!
      I'd highlight the matching words (Green/lean, teeth/beneath) etc with matching colours so that students can see visually which lines go together.

      A potential activity for these kids would be taking a limerick line and putting them in order based on which words rhymed. I think this also a useful springboard for teaching kids about hip hop and rap music.

    2. Danakco June 12, 2023

      There was an old man from nantucket....
      Great presentation! Did you know that national Haiku day is April 17th? At least in the U.K anywho.

    3. ArianneO June 14, 2023

      @Beestonian Love your suggestions! I'll color code the matching words next time.

    4. ArianneO June 14, 2023

      @Danakco for the cash, Nantucket! (I have to admit I had to say the line quite a few times before I got the pun haha)
      First time I've heard of Haiku day but I'll definitely keep that in mind for next year's activities. Thanks for the info!

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