It's rhyme time

A ppt and worksheet combo kinda related to New Horizon 1 Unit 2 page 28, although I never translated the page to actually see what the point of it was. I just saw "rhyme" and a few poems and made this

This was made for JHS 1st grade but might work at for older grades or even a year or two younger.
My JTE asked me to make something about rhyming because she told me she didnt know what to do for it so i quickly made this.

With the help of the JTE with translating,
First explain what rhyming is using the ppt.

On the slide with a whole list of words, go through the list with the students asking them to repeat after you. As its a rhyming challenge, they must know the correct pronunciation for these words. You'll be surprised later at the responses. Give the students 3 minutes or so to come up with as many rhymed words as possible. Pairs is fine (probably preferred). Maybe writing their words down is still difficult at this level so we just wanted the students to speak. After 3 mins, ask for any words that they could think of and write them up on the board. You might get a few that don't rhyme but praise them for trying anyway.

After this, hand out the worksheet and remind them about rhyming. (sorry the worksheet is not super cute or fancy)
Give the students a few minutes to work in pairs to see if they can think of the blank words using the picture. Some pictures are not great so there is also a slide with better colour pictures. Bring this slide up when they're going through the worksheet.

Afterwards, check the answers as a group. And finally theres a slide that talks about what we know as "cat in the hat" and "hotpot" (or nabe in Japan) because these were used in the worksheet It might be kinda interesting to show the students.

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    Submitted by jintapatchi09 June 14, 2023 Estimated time: 25 minutes
    1. Matthew May 30, 2024

      This look great, nice job!

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