Can I have your autograph?

Your students will all be famous in the future! It is time to have them create their autograph!

First I tell the students they are all famous and then I ask them to think for what.
The powerpoint has a few examples of future careers and sentences.
I have them make pairs or groups and fill out the following section of the worksheet:
My name is ~ (in romaji)
I am a famous ~ (choose a career)
I ~ (any target sentence)
Then, I role play with the teacher the rest of the worksheet, pretending they are famous and asking for their autopgraph and for a picture!

Next the powerpoint has a matching quiz.
Students will work together to match the autopgrahs to the correct person.
We go over the answers by section, and this is also a good chance for them to practice/ copy the autographs and get ideas for their own.
I tell them that there are on rules, their autographs can have drawings, be small or big, etc., I ask them to be creative but also remind them that they will have to sign many autopgrahs so it has to be easy for them to do multiple times.
At this time, I show off my own signature/autograph (:

Last, I have the students practice creating their own autograph in the practice sheet.
I like to walk around and give them ideas/ make one for them (They love it! )
If there is time, I have them roleplay in partners (like with the JTE at the beginning) or have them come to the front.

ps. I printed the worksheet double sided and with 2 pages in 1 page, so all 4 pages will fit in 1 A4 paper.
Then I printed copies in an A3 paper making it bigger so students will have an easier time seeing the autographs.

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    Submitted by xxjanism July 12, 2023 Estimated time: 40 to 55 minutes
    1. Denpa July 13, 2023

      There are a few mistakes such as "I am the word's best cook," and some of the names are wrong (it's Radcliffe not Radcliff) but overall I really like it and will use it after making some changes. Thank you very much.

    2. xxjanism July 13, 2023

      @Denpa, thank you! I've fixed the mistakes :)

    3. genieg July 13, 2023

      I love the idea !! Thank you!! I'm going to use this. Great work on the PPT. I hope you consider japanese athletes like OHTANI SHOHEI / OSAKA NAOMI / and some soccer players like MESSI . BUt , Thank you really great idea!

    4. xxjanism July 14, 2023

      @genieg I hope you have fun!
      I've been meaning to update this lesson but never got around to it.
      Leaving JET so I won't be updating it anymore but I hope it can be used as a basis for whatever changes people would like to implement (:

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