Command BINGO

A ridiculous 5x5 bingo sheet with 24 different imperative commands.

This was made with JHS 1st grade in mind. They start to learn more about commands in NH1 Unit 4 and so I took that and ran. The list is pretty random, but my classes had a bit of fun with it.

We reviewed all 24 commands at the bottom of the page and had them write the translation next to each.
I explained the free space and then we gave them 5-10mins to write down everything in a space.
Then it's bingo hollering time! It took quite a few calls before anyone got a bingo but I didn't want it to be easy.

It doesn't take up the whole class - we used about 25~30mins overall and it just to finish up the rest of the time.

Small files
  • Command BINGO.pdf (95.6 KB)
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    Submitted by shinjirarenai July 14, 2023 Estimated time: ~30mins
    1. MrMomotaro October 26, 2023

      This came in handy today as my JTE wanted a review of command sentences after the midterm test yesterday. The JTE ended up having the students say the commands out loud and I would do gestures as hints for them before they wrote down the Japanese. Then after bingo, we let the people who got the first, second, and third bingo give me any command from the list (besides "Give me money") as a reward. They had a lot of fun with it!

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