Roll a Picnic

Group activity in which get to roll a dice to determine what their picnic looks like.

With all this heat, all my summer outside lesson plans have dried up! So in a flurry I had to make something up quick. I've been wanting to have a picnic so I this Roll a Picnic rolled into my mind. ;)

Will use it this week with some various elementary school grades and see how it goes.

I plan on having them do it in groups of 3-4 - this way they can share the dice and it's more fun to see what others around you are drawing too.
Explain that there are 4 categories they get to roll for. Maybe draw an example on the board while explaining it. You could get a few kids involved to help you throw around the dice and draw on the board if you like. I've got it down for them to double roll on Good Eats and Extras (the more the merrier). So everyone will get 6 rolls, but feel free to change it to your needs and time frame.

Get the kids in groups, pass out the papers and go over what each category has if you need too. Determine who rolls first and what the order is. Ask if they have any questions and pass out the dice at the very end. If the dice go out first - they can't resist playing with them.

When everyone is good to go - let at it! Draw it first and color it last.

Submitted by shinjirarenai July 18, 2023 Estimated time:

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