Rune Code Breaker

A fun activity where the kids must crack the meaning of the code using the rune to alphabet chart. [Was made for my 2nd year Junior high class].

This is a simple code breaking activity using Anglo-Saxon English runes [futhorc] from 1000-1500 years ago. I was inspired by similar code breaking activities but I opted to change the code numbers into runes. I think that the children find the runes more mysterious and as they are actually Old English, it can make for an interesting cultural exchange.

The chart shows 26 runes that correspond to the modern English alphabet. Some of the runes are the same, as those letters were not present back in the day. (i.e, S-Z. W-V). I have also taken a bit of liberty in a direct translation of them. As of course in Old English spelling, pronunciation, and the words themselves were completely different.
[Instead of spaces, small x's were used to indicate the start of a new word.]

I have made 3 levels. The first two are simply `what am i'.
Level 1: An orange
Level 2: Charizard/Lizardon.

Level 3 is a riddle, which is quite complex. I added this as the children enjoyed riddles in other classes. [I'll let you figure this one out on your own. If you get stuck look up the 'water barrell riddle'.

Feel free to make your own sentences/codes using the runes to fit the level of class that you wish.
You can adjust the amount of levels you do to the time you have.

Submitted by RyanPlatts July 20, 2023 Estimated time: 15-45 mins

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