Snoopy's World Vacation (Time Zones)

Travel the world with Snoopy and calculate the time in different time zones. Each location also includes some famous locations/a famous food.

Based on UonumaRobert's great Time Zones activity.
I made a Snoopy-themed version, since Snoopy is so popular with my students.
Each slide contains a small culture showcase of the local area as well as the distance from (Kobe) Japan and + or - hours in relation to Japan's current time.
I recommend deciding on a time that's close to your current time, rounding up/down if needed, then using that time as a base to calculate all others.
There's also a worksheet with a blank map for students to write their answers down.
Canada's represented twice, but Newfoundland has one of those fun .5 time zones, so I threw that in as the final question for a bit of a challenge. I chose the countries based on the countries my students should know the English names for, so I also recommend when the country's flag comes up, asking the students if they remember what country it is.

Forgot to compress the images, so the file size was way too big. Re-uploaded a compressed version that's much smaller.

Small files
  • Snoopy Time Zones Map.pptx (120 KB)
  • Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Timezones Snoopy.pptx (9.89 MB)
  • Timezones Snoopy ALL ENGLISH.pptx (9.89 MB)
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    Submitted by wanifan August 22, 2023 Estimated time: 15-30 minutes
    Inspired by Time Zones
    1. CullerTr August 28, 2023

      Hello! This is so cute. What grades did you use this with?

    2. wanifan August 28, 2023

      I plan to use this with 4th grade for the telling time unit in Let's Try, but I think it could work well for 5th and 6th as a review. I also plan on using it with my special needs class later on.

    3. yellowbird August 30, 2023

      I absolutely love this but, I can’t read kanji and my school is one of those strict “no Japanese all English “ schools but I can’t afford to subscribe to PowerPoint every month to make any edits to the words.
      If you ever have a chance, making it all in English would be so so so so appreciated . I truly love love this it’s so nice, well executed.

    4. wanifan August 30, 2023

      @yellowbird I uploaded an "all English" version! Enjoy!

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