Trick or Treat Game

Halloween bored game

So I put this together pretty quick and it is not a great as I would like it to look. BUT! It will do the job! For my younger sutdents I wanted to make a Trick or Treat game to help them get the idea of it. It's very simple for 3rd and 4th grade. They take their ereaser and place it on the start. They then roll the die for how every many spaces they get to move. They get to chose which way they want to go. Then they go around one time. When they get back to where they started they then go down to the next cricle of houses and make their way to the finish in the middle. So there are two kinds of houses, a reguler house and a scary house. At a reguler house they get to pick a candy card from the deck. A candy card can have one, two or three candies on it. If they land on a scary house they have to put one card back into the deck. When everyone has finished they count their cards and the child with the most candy wins!

I have the sildes on how to play the game and the candy cards. There is also a blank candy cards if you want to make it your own. I printed off 2 of each candy card set per game bored that I needed for a told of 4 candy card sheets per game bored.

Submitted by Mullberry October 26, 2023 Estimated time:
  1. jasonX October 27, 2023

    The key file has 0 bytes.

  2. Mullberry October 27, 2023

    @.@ sorry not sure how that happened..... but I relaoded the sildes. It should work now.

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