Activity applies to Halloween. Boo!

  • Halloween (Undas) in the Philippines

    Powerpoint presentation about Halloween (All Souls' Day) in the Philippines. Includes a quiz on Philippine mythical creatures and a writing/drawing activity for students.

  • Monster Murder Mystery

    A multi-part Halloween activity suite that incorporates puzzles, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and deductive reasoning.

  • The Story of Stingy Jack (Halloween lesson)

    A short presentation with some animations and texts about the *real* story of Stingy Jack.

  • Halloween Fill in the blank

    Students must fill in the first letter of the name of the various Halloween characters and things

  • Halloween Crossword

    A Halloween crossword with images instead of text for hints

  • Halloween Tongue Twisters

    Three fun English tongue twisters guaranteed to get your students tongues wagging instead

  • Match the Halloween Characters and Things

    Students try to match the pictures of the Halloween characters and things to their names

  • Halloween Flash Cards

    18 Flash Cards of Halloween Characters and Things

  • Halloween Word Maker

    How many words can students make using the letters in Halloween

  • Color by Numbers - Halloween Pumpkin

    Color listening quiz, followed by a coloring sheet.

  • How Many? - Halloween Monsters

    Count how many Halloween-themed monsters and creatures move across the screen.

  • Autumn English Board

    Covers Halloween and autumn festivals around the world.

  • Pusheen's (PowerPoint) Halloween Adventure!

    A cute PowerPoint adventure featuring Pusheen the Cat.

  • Scooby Doo Where Are You? (Halloween)

    I hope it is not yet too late for Halloween activities. I just changed the theme of the game "Where is Naruto" to Scooby Doo.

  • Halloween Guess Who

    It is the spookiest time of the year and there are monsters about in the classroom! Students will be placed into pairs and must determine which monster their partner is!

  • Halloween Blast

    Halloween-themed jeopardy-style game for 5th/6th graders.

  • Halloween Escape Room

    for There is a/are ~ + preposition ~ grammar point

  • Pumpkin / jack o'lantern papercraft

    Make paper jack o'lanterns! I paired this activity with a special needs class where we learned body part names in English. The students asked for the body parts to make their jack o'lantern.

  • Zombie Challenge

    Zombie game with a powerpoint

  • Haunted House - Choose Your Own Adventure

    Students try to survive the night in a haunted house by voting as a class to make choices. Can your class make it through until morning?

  • Halloween PowerPoint and Quiz

    The PowerPoint outlines the purpose and history of Halloween, popular costumes around the world and activities associated with Halloween.

  • Halloween Word Search with Images

    Halloween Word Search with Images

  • Halloween Haunted House Game

    My Halloween quiz game.

  • Halloween Pictionary Cards

    Halloween-themed cards for pictionary

  • Halloween Word Search

    Here is a quick Halloween Word Search aimed at elementary school students.

  • Halloween Jeopardy

    Trying this again w/o the video files, a fun halloween jeopardy!! No grammar, just spooks :)

  • Halloween Hidden Word

    I tried to hide some halloween font letters to a Halloween picture.

  • Where do ghosts live?

    New horizons 6年生 unit 5 Halloween review

  • Halloween gerund

    Students will write sentences about the pictures using the pattern "He enjoyed ~ing."

  • Practice Stationeries with Yokai Watch !

    This works well with Let's Try 2's lessons about stationery items. Review different stationery, play a simple guessing game, then ask Yokai spirits if they have stationeries.

  • Haunted Links

    Much like the classical Link Rink game, but with a Halloween theme.

  • Spooky Pookie: A Halloween Story

    A storybook in PowerPoint form.

  • I went to a Haunted House (Work Sheet)

    Halloween themed memory game good for any size class with litttle to no prep time.

  • Halloween English Board

    Materials that can be used for your October/Halloween English Board.

  • The Halloween Scene

    A Halloween-style Busy Scene poster using the Relative Pronoun.

  • Werewolf (人狼ゲーム) PPT Interface

    Building off of sophieinniigata's Werewolf, this is just a macro'ed PowerPoint Interface to help run games.

  • Trick or Treat Quiz Game

    A jeopardy / typhoon style quiz game with a Halloween twist!

  • Werewolf (人狼)

    A classic game of Werewolf. Perfect for Halloween!

  • Hilarious Dress Up Game

    Can be use for any review or grammar practice.

  • The Harry Potter Train Game

    A fun speaking activity set in Harry Potter's world of magic where the students can apply their direction-giving skills from page 28 of Sunshine 3 (2021).

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