Activity applies to Halloween. Boo!

  • Halloween Mask and Trick or Treating

    Students will learn about American Halloween and monsters, color a monster Halloween mask, and then model a trick or treating dialogue.

  • Halloween Shapes

    A Halloween themed guessing game. Guess the shape and color to create a Halloween image.

  • Halloween

    Halloween presentation used for ES 5th and 6th grade.

  • Monthly Song Lyric Sheets

    Song of the month lyric sheets which can be used for the English board or a class activity. They are in Japanese and English.

  • Hunt for the ~ing (7年) Halloween themed

    Children look for ing related pictures in their textbook

  • Holiday Canva Flashcards

    Canva flashcards for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

  • Halloween PowerPoint

    A Halloween PowerPoint based loosely on popular Halloween characters and things, to help students practice many Halloween words.

  • Race to the haunted mansion - Plural verbs

    This is a Halloween themed board game to practice plural verbs. All sentences have a verb in parenthesis which the students has to adjust to the correct form when reading it out loud.

  • Halloween Kahoot for Elementary Grade 3/4, 5/6 🎃

    Halloween Themed Questions!

  • Halloween Relative Pronoun Activity

    An activity to practice relative pronouns (関係代名詞)

  • Luigi's Mansion - Halloween Trick or Treat

    This game is a combination of Jeopardy and point-and-click style games. Ultimately it plays out like review games, but it allows some agency for students.

  • Guess the Costume (Halloween Game)

    A game where students guess the costume/character based on a short description.

  • Trick or Treat!

    Fun time-flexible points game themed after trick o treating during Halloween

  • Halloween - window reveal game

    Halloween themed powerpoint game that can be used by any grade level to review numbers 1-20

  • lowercase alphabet suguroku (Halloween)

    For 4th to 6th grade and special needs classes

  • Trick or Treat Map

    Practice giving simple directions as you Trick or Treat!

  • Halloween Stingy Jack Listening Activity

    Listening activity about the history of Stingy Jack and the Jack o Lantern

  • Guess the monster! Halloween game

    This is a fun activity for Halloween that I used with my JHS 1st years. Each student will be randomly assigned a halloween creature. They have to figure out who is what using the information given.

  • Trick or Treat Game

    Halloween bored game

  • Jack-O-Lantern Basket

    Print Out to make a Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin basket out if paper.

  • Haunted House

    A fun Halloween activity where students collect coins and escape a haunted mansion

  • Halloween Bingo Remix

    Halloween bingo with a twist!

  • 'Whose, Mine, Yours' Halloween Activities

    A cute Halloween themed PowerPoint with a quiz, animated story, and activity to practice possessives.

  • Silent Hills Haunted House - reupload

    An Eiken test disguised as a Haunted house murder mystery. Dripping with Atmosphere and occasionally actually scary.

  • Halloween CodeBreaker and Bingo

    I made these materials to try to spice up the Halloween week. There's an intro PPT, flashcards, a codebreaker activity, and a bingo sheet.

  • 6年生 Trick or Treat Quiz Game

    (Original by mssamansa)A jeopardy / typhoon style quiz game with a Halloween twist!

  • Halloween Composition Challenge

    Students in pairs get to create a Halloween themed short composition,


    Kill your students in this point based review game.

  • Halloween Alphabet Pyramid

    2 Versions: Capital Letters and Small Letters Versions

  • Halloween Color By Numbers Sheet

    3 different Halloween Coloring Sheets, suitable for 1st and 2nd graders ES, or maybe even higher

  • Halloween Family in Costume + Crossword

    2 activities based off of the family words found in HWG 1 Unit 6. Requires cutting and pasting. And some mental gymnastics.

  • Halloween ~ Word Search

    A halloween-themed word activity.

  • Halloween ~ Crossword Puzzle

    A halloween-themed activity that introduces common vocabulary of this event.

  • Haunted Door

    This is a 3rd grade JHS unit activity. Student should choose the correct door. If they chose the correct answer, they could see a surprise or a monster.

  • Halloween Kahoot

    A simple Kahoot that tests various Halloween Vocabulary

  • Halloween Games and Activities

    Here is a set of six games you can play with your class. I am a SHS ALT at a low level high school so these games were made with that in mind.

  • Halloween Jack-O-Lantern story - Reading Practice

    Solo reading practice based on the origins of the Jack-O-Lantern. Ending with students making their own unique Jack-O-Lantern drawing and explanation.

  • Halloween Trivia Game - Video listening practice

    A Halloween themed game where students choose a number to a corresponding question. Some trivia questions, and several video clips.

  • Halloween Body Parts - Make a Monster

    Students learn english names for bodyparts and then draw a Halloween monster based on their dice rolls to practice association.

  • Halloween PowerPoint Template

    I typically use this simple PowerPoint for question and answer type games like correcting mistakes in sentences or making sentences into questions.

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