American/Western Food Dobble

Saw a food and drink Spot It game on here and decided to make one with the いらすとや illustrations.

I play with the Spot It rules where you deal the deck out to all players with one card in the middle, and each player looks at one card in their hand at a time and races to match it to the card on the table. They must call out the name of the food that matches in order for it to count. Rounds can be pretty quick or slow depending on ability, but generally they get pretty competitive and have fun with it.

Good for drilling food vocabulary that has already been taught. I've played regular Spot It with my HS kids and I designed this one for a foreign food lesson for a special needs JHS class. Likely would be fine for advanced ES kids who are branching out on their food vocab beyond fruits and veggies.

Good for smaller groups since there are only so many cards, so you could print out multiple sets and split a class into groups or do it with English club.

The cards were autogenerated (there's 31 cards) and I designed the last slide to be a card back if you print them double sided. For me, I had to remove the border of the card back because I couldn't get the alignment perfect with the front so I used the front border as the guide for cutting them out. I printed on A4 with 4 designs per side, scaled to printable area, and printed 2 sided flipped on the short edge for best size and alignment.

I laminated them for longevity.

Edit: Used this guide to make my cards. Heads up, even if you use the built in app you need to change permissions on your Drive folder to be viewable to anyone with the link or it won't work. Same for using the Google script.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Card deck - ready!.pptx (2.33 MB)
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    Submitted by ivyant October 27, 2023 Estimated time: 5-20 minutes
    1. Denpa October 30, 2023

      Could you please share the site you used to generate the cards?

    2. Keith Miyazaki October 30, 2023

      Take a look in this Collection: {}
      The best might be Make Your Own Dobble at {}

    3. ivyant October 30, 2023

      I used this guide

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