Christmas Memories Quiz

A quiz about Christmas traditions in different countries

I was asked to make a Christmas game that also fits the theme of One World Smiles 6 Unit 7, "My Best Memory" so this is a quiz with a few people from different countries talking about their Christmas memories.
I am Irish and I did ask people I know from Singapore and America, but I threw it together in a short time so it could definitely be better. Teachers and students liked the idea though so I thought I'd share.
Thank you to amyaad for the lovely PowerPoint, taken from their Frosty's Christmas Quiz activity

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    Submitted by natashio December 15, 2023 Estimated time: 25-30 minutes
    1. Quiin_Hesta December 18, 2023

      This is nice!

    2. Tsensei December 18, 2023

      Can you change the font please? Thank you so much. I can't see the content.

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