Winter Vacation Past Tense Lesson

There is a PowerPoint and a worksheet provided for the lesson about past tense.

First, present the PowerPoint to introduce the lesson.
Second, students work in pairs using the worksheet. You can add more rows to the worksheet for students to write their own sentences if you want them to practice writing.

  1. Students write ‘O’ next to the sentence that describes what they did during the winter vacation; otherwise, they write ‘X’.
  2. They work in pairs and follow the conversation script in the worksheet. For example: • Student A says, “I visited my grandparents on the winter holiday. How about you?" • If Student B answers, “Oh, really? Me, too,” Student A writes ' O ' in the box next to the sentence, “I visited my grandparents..." • If Student B answers, “Oh, I see. I played some sports,” Student A writes ' X ' next to the sentence, “I visited my grandparents...” and writes ' O ' next to the sentence, “I played some sports.”
  3. They take turns. Change partners for 5-6 times.
  4. At the end of the activity, the teacher instructs the students to determine how many classmates have the same X and O responses as they do. They earn points based on the number they find.

Thanks to soggycastella for the PowerPoint, I edited some parts.

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