Final Quiz JHS 2

PowerPoint Review Quiz. Just another edited version of GoldenMew_Suprema's excellent work, this one for all of JHS Year 2.

Love this PowerPoint, a big thank you to the original uploader. Please refer to the link for a more detailed explanation.


Teams take turns to choose the numbered questions (30 in total, 3 kinds), more questions are revealed as the game progresses.
All teams answer the questions on whiteboards.
Correct answers get points and sometimes the best or longest answers will get a bonus (see original upload for details).
Please edit slide 1 (your name) and slide 9 (your school's name).
I recommend you read the original poster's description.
I kept some of the original questions even though it was meant for High School as they are multiple choice so easy to explain/understand.

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  • Y2 L10 Final Quiz Game (2024).pptx (74.8 MB)
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    Submitted by kusobaba February 27, 2024 Estimated time: 50 minutes
    Inspired by The Final Quiz Game
    1. sammiesensei March 4, 2024

      Could you please share from google slides? would love to see what you created!

    2. kusobaba March 5, 2024

      Sorry but I don't use Google Slides.

    3. chriswinter403 March 18, 2024

      Is it alright if you upload them in google, and share the link here so we would be able to download it.

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