Word Search AAAA, BBBB etc

Fairly simple word searches that help learners become more familiar with the English alphabet.

Basically you give the handout to students and they look for the target letters. They can try to trace the letters in the box as they find them.

There are different ways you could possibly do this.
You could get the students to make groups of 3 or 4 and as a team they look for all the target letters. You could make it competitive to see which team is fastest.
Another idea is that there are 3 types of word search, capital, lower-case and tricky. As students finish one they go to the teacher and get the next one.
You could just hand it out as a time filler for students who have finished another task.

Submitted by Furachan March 25, 2024 Estimated time: Over 10 minutes....depending on how you do this.
  1. nisaa1234 April 17, 2024

    This is perfect for my special needs class. I'd like the docs file because when I'm printing the pdf file, some of the puzzles are shifting to next page to the answer sheet. Could you fix this please? Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. okayer April 18, 2024

    hello, by any chance can you upload the .doc file? thank you!

  3. Furachan April 19, 2024

    Oh oh, I noticed the hitch. The shape warped as a PDF. I will get back this.

  4. deedeek May 1, 2024

    Howdy, I used this in class and it was great, thanks for sharing! My teacher wants the digital copy, but the PDF is now gone. Could you re-upload if possible?

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