Is there a _______ in your house?

Students practice "There is" questions by asking each other what they have in their houses.

I begin by having a model dialog with the JTE. I ask them something like "Is there a TV in your house?" to which they can reply:

  • Yes, there is.
  • No, there isn't.

I ask a few more questions with different objects to further illustrate the sentence pattern. Is there a computer in your house? Is there a Playstation in your house? Is there an elephant in your house?

Once the students seem to be tracking along with the question, I pass out the worksheet. They'll each need to think of 5 items they can ask their classmates about. It might be helpful to find a page in the textbook that lists common household items. They should write the items in the leftmost column.

Next, they'll ask 5 classmates about each of the items on their list. They can write out either "Yes, there is" or "No, there isn't," or just draw an X or O.

If any students finish really early or you have some extra time to fill, you can have them write sentences about what their friends said on the back. "There is a microwave in Yumi's house." "There isn't a sofa in Kenta's house."

Submitted by Jake W June 30, 2018 Estimated time: 20 minutes

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