Performance Test: Group Reporting

Goal: The students will be able to present a report in English.

Topic: A Famous Building
Reference: All Aboard III (English Communication) Textbook

This activity is an application of the Lesson 1 of my third year high school students. I simplified the STEP 2 Book Activity and made a script template for the students to complete and use as their guide in practicing and presenting their report as a group. The goal is for them to be able to deliver a report in English.

We had 2 sessions for this activity as I had a grammar lesson about Infinitives and Gerunds prior to giving them time to complete and practice their scripts. For lower level classes, the information were provided and the students were made to choose from the paper strips of famous buildings in Tokyo. Once finished with their script, they must assign roles for each member and practice how to present it in class. They can either memorize or read aloud.

For advanced level classes, the students were given time to research using their phones in order to complete their scripts. You may make the topic broader as in: Famous Buildings in Japan or Around the World. This can even be made into individual activity depending on the students’ level.

Criteria must be explained before commencing the students' presentation. It would be good to give comments after all the groups have presented, too. I have attached files for your perusal fellow ALTs.

Submitted by Esainity May 16, 2024 Estimated time: 2 Sessions

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