Amy likes visiting the ocean.

  • New horizon 1, Gerunds worksheet.

    The primary objective of this worksheet is to facilitate students' understanding and recognition of gerunds. The worksheet comprises two main sections.

  • (Are you...?) Guessing Game

    Guessing game done aloud, in pairs, for a variety of grade levels and grammar points


    Students will be provided with worksheet.

  • Mr. Bean: Gerunds and Infinitives

    This is a PowerPoint quiz game suited for 3rd grade JHS

  • Animal Crossing Vacation Planning!

    Have your students take a vacation anywhere in the world, Animal Crossing New Horizons style! Students practice using gerunds and general infinitives in this activity.


    Uses of gerunds

  • Performance Test: Group Reporting

    Goal: The students will be able to present a report in English.

  • Self-Introduction Meguri

    Students introduce themselves, collect signatures, and get points

  • Summer BBQ/Picnic Plan

    Students make a plan in English for Summer BBQ or Picnic in pairs or groups of three and then present them in the same class.

  • Review Jeopardy (cherry blossom themed)

    JHS 1st and 2nde grade year review Jeopardy (cherry blossom themed).

  • Kitty collecting game - Present progressive (?)

    A warm up activity to practice present progressive/continuous interrogative sentences and responses.

  • Various English Uno Decks

    English Uno decks with different themes.

  • Hunt for the ~ing (7年) Halloween themed

    Children look for ing related pictures in their textbook

  • Super typhoon Gerund

    Grund and Must

  • Janken Character Cards

    80 printable character cards used for conversation activities. The cards rock, paper, or scissors on them so students can read them and then win more cards or lose them to others.

  • Baseball game (gerund ~ 動詞 + ing)

    A flexible, fun listening activity using the basic rules of baseball game.

  • One Piece Sugoroku (Gerund Phrases)

    A One Piece-themed sugoroku board to help students practice saying sentences with gerund phrases.

  • gerunds practice

    Simple worksheet for practicing -ing verbs.

  • Memory - Gerunds

    Classic memory game where students match missing word cards with to the correct sentence cards.

  • Anime Guessing Game - "What are they doing?"

    A fun game great for practicing present continuous/progressive with 1st year Junior High School students using images of different anime characters.

  • I like...I enjoy ...(gerund)

    an activity to practice gerund

  • I like... (gerund) Relay

    a short activity to practice the target grammar "I like -ing"

  • Infinitive & Gerund

    Forms and Uses of Infinitives and Gerunds

  • Mario Race Kart

    Review game

  • Letter to Your Future Self

    First and second grade JHS students write a letter to themselves one year in the future using grammar they learned throughout the year.

  • Minecraft NH1 Review

    Review Units 5-7 after winter break for 1st years!

  • Verb Sugoroku (JHS)

    A flexible board game where students change sentences based on target grammar point.

  • Will You Watch This Cat? (Giving excuses)

    Practice giving excuses with "I have to (keep/finish) _ing~"

  • New Horizon Grade 2 Unit 4

    This Kahoot is for the review of grammar and comprehension of the passages in NH 2 Unit 4

  • Halloween gerund

    Students will write sentences about the pictures using the pattern "He enjoyed ~ing."

  • Gerunds Practice Sheet

    Worksheet covering the grammar highlighted on p62-64 of NH2

  • Gerund and Continuous Explainer with the Simpsons

    Short slideshow to introduce the continuous and gerund forms of verbs using Simpsons GIFs.

  • Interview Bingo (What's your hobby?)

    This uses the New Crown 2 grammar and vocabulary from page 43's drill section. This can be edited to make the sentences more complicated and to include different hobbies from the ones listed.

  • I like ~ing, I want to ~ Activity (Interview)

    This interview activity lets the students talk about the vacation they like the best in Japan and share what they want to do during that vacation.

  • Gerund Tug of War Game

    Gerund game that gets students up and moving. Two teams try to eliminate the other by reading all the cards and when they meet they do じゃんけん。 Similar to tug of war but pushing the other team back.

  • Lucky Line Game

    This is my go-to English activity to help junior high school students to review their grammar and vocabulary learning for each unit. If you use Google slides, you can make a copy and edit too!

  • One Piece Battleship

    A battleship game to help students practice speaking the target grammar point.

  • Writing a Postcard

    Writing a postcard about Winter Vacation! This is specfically for page 108 in the New Horizon 1 textbook.

  • Verb-ing Art

    Zip file of about 55 illustrations portraying -ing.

  • Gerund-Quiz Game

    it's a wheel - of - fortune game designed to have the students indirectly practice using gerunds

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