Birthday Race

Students listen for birthdays and find who was born on that date.

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Originally submitted by Aimee Ono on Jan 23, 2009.


  • BirthdayRace worksheet
  • BirthdayRace3 updated version


  • After dividing students into groups, give each group a copy of the yearly calendar with famous birthdays.
  • Teachers say a month and day and the groups race to say the name of the person who has that birthday.


  • Personalize the calendar by adding students' and/or teachers' birthdays.
  • Make true or false quizzes. For example, the teacher says, "Nobi Nobita's birthday is November 1st." If it is true, students repeat it. If it is false, they race to get an eraser or other safe object placed in the middle of the group.
  • Teachers say the name of a famous person and students must give the birthdate.
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