My bag is under the desk. My texbook is on the desk.

  • Animal Coloring

    Children color animals according to the ALT's instructions.

  • Bedroom Drawing

    Students listen to their partner’s instructions and attempt to draw a replica of a bedroom.

  • Kathy's Game

    A fast-paced game where teams race to be the first to do the instructions correctly.

  • Fun With Prepositions

    Using teamwork, students search for pictures around the room and describe it to their team members.

  • Preposition Partners

    Basic info gap activity for basic prepositions of location.

  • Draw the Object

    Students practice drawing pictures based upon the preposition given.

  • Preppy Shapes

    A fun point-based competition between groups aimed at reviewing the students' knowledge of shapes and prepositions.

  • Andy's Bedroom

    Students listen to the teacher describe their bedroom and they must draw it. Afterwards, they write sentences about what they've drawn.

  • Good Witness

    Students test their memory by looking at a picture and in prepositional phrase form, writing what they saw.

  • But Not Okinawa

    Students test their knowledge of Japan's prefectures, minus Okinawa, and then practice asking about the location of the prefectures they don't know.

  • Rescue 119

    Students help rescue plane crash victims by locating them in a classroom and then writing a report to submit to the rescue authorities.

  • My Town Lesson Plan

    Practice 'there is' and 'there are' with four linked activities.

  • Colour Scavenger Hunt

    Help students practice their colours and the names of places around the school with this fun game.

  • Where Is Oguri?

    This is an information gap exercise where pairs of students ask each other the question, "Where is....?"

  • Where Is It?

    Students try to guess the location of an object.

  • In A Dark Room

    Students close their eyes and imagine the story you tell them. Upon opening their eyes, they complete a worksheet based upon their imagination.

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