Leveled Up Karuta

Karuta game that gives Ss a chance to perform both sides of any TL/frees up teachers to provide support for less abled Ss.

  1. Play a first round of a normal Karuta game with ALT giving the answers. In the event it's a Q&A, i.e. "What fruit do you like?" get whole class to practice the question side. Ss: "What fruit do you like?" ALT: "I like kiwifruit.", and kids grab at cards.

1b. In the event it's just vocabulary, just output vocabulary.

  1. Demonstrate with JTE and a couple volunteer students on the teachers podium (教卓). Indicate that the ALT will give the first answer.

  2. Team members grab for the corresponding card. The person who grabs it first is now directed to miss a turn, as they become "sensei".

  3. Next turn, team members who couldn't grab card fast enough ask of "sensei" student "What fruit do you like?" and the remaining students grab cards.

  4. Game ends like any karuta game, when the table is clear.

-One thing I find that by doing this game, it reduces the disappointment of some students who always lose at Karuta because that one super-sharp student who always wins is taken out of the running for a turn, thus upping the slower students' chances.
-Can be used with any grammar point that has corresponding small cards.

Submitted by IbarakiOracle March 6, 2024 Estimated time: 5-10 minutes

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