Do you like ~ ? Activity Sheet

For reviewing or practising "Do you like ~ ?" For 3rd or 4th grade ES.

This is an activity sheet for Let's Try 2 unit 1 or any other time you would like to practice or review the "Do you like ~ ?" grammar. Both the Let's Play and Activity in unit 1 use the grammar "What do you like?" so in order to practice "Do you like ~ ?" I made this alternative worksheet.

The goal is to find classmates who like the same things as you.

First give the students 2-3 minutes to write down their favourite food, sport, fruit, etc. in the lefthand column. Also, they can choose their own category and favourite item from that category in the empty square at the bottom. Then give the students 5 minutes to freely ask their classmates if they like items they wrote down using "Do you like ~ ?", "Yes, I do" and "No, I don't". So if I wrote down baseball for my favourite sport I would ask "Do you like baseball?"

If their partner likes the item, they can write this person's name down in the righthand column. If not, they must find someone else who likes the item. You can decide whether the students have to have written down the same item to put each other's name down or if it's still okay if they haven't written the item down but still like the item.

The print is in sizes A4 and A5. This can also be done on tablet.

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    Submitted by tendoalt April 22, 2024 Estimated time: Around 10-15 minutes including explanation, thinking time, conversation and conclusion.

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