Injuries and Ailments

Students describe their injuries or other ailments (headaches, stomachaches, and so on).

  • What's wrong?

    This is a worksheet to practice describing a sickness and giving advice to a sick person.

  • Doctor Roleplay (How long have you...?)

    Situation: You are in another country and you are sick. Students will learn useful phrases for the doctor roleplay while practicing "How long have you...?" grammar point.

  • Cupid's Messenger 📣❤️ (Telephone Game)

    It's pretty much telephone Game/Chinese Whispers with a Valentine's Day theme (+ MapleStory Characters!) Little to no prep required and can be played when asked to do something last minute

  • Can I help you? - New Crown 2: Talk 5

    This is an extension activity for New Crown Talk 5. The lesson reviews the textbook material and then students practice real life "problem scenarios" together using cards and partners!

  • Body Parts Quiz. Sunshine 3 Page 14

    This is a vocabulary gap activity that uses the main body parts picture on page 125 of Sunshine 3. The vocabulary gained can be used with the Please Help Me! exercise page 14.

  • Gesture Game

    Use gestures in the form of a competitive game to teach students target phrases. Student level - Elementary

  • Health/ Sickness Art

    Zip file of 20 illustrations pertaining to injuries/ailments.

  • illness and medicine matching/interview game

    There are 2 parts. The 1st part students match the medicine pictures to the illnesses. 2nd part the students will do an interview game

  • What's Wrong? Card Game

    Practice the dialogue of JHS New Horizon 1, Daily Scene 1 using a fun card game!

  • Feel Well

    This activity is based on the doctor visit dialog in New Horizon's English textbook, but this one is more entertaining and it teaches various names of illnesses.

  • Doctor Patient Interview

    Students take turns being doctor and patient, and interview each other following the dialogue on the worksheet.

  • What's Wrong? Board Game

    Students play a board game to practice telling each other about their ailments and giving each other advice.

  • Strange Patient

    This a simple guessing game that has students playing the role of a patient who kind of has an idea of what sickness they have, and the doctor is trying to guess whether or not they are lying.

  • Ouch

    Students learn how to describe their symptoms by playing Janken games.

  • Visiting A Doctor

    Students learn various doctor vocabulary and expressions by completing a crossword and creating a dialogue with their partner.

  • Doctor Doctor

    Two activities for practicing the New Crown 3rd Year 'Lets Talk Two' and Sunshine Three 2021

  • What's wrong? I have a headache.

    A fairly straightforward worksheet to be used in conjunction with Hew Horizon 1, pg 64.

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