Cupid's Messenger 📣❤️ (Telephone Game)

It's pretty much telephone Game/Chinese Whispers with a Valentine's Day theme (+ MapleStory Characters!) Little to no prep required and can be played when asked to do something last minute

- Made and linked Good Morning and Good Night to separate them
- Reduce the transition time for "Sentence Practice" to 1 sec
- Replaced some clickable links for easier transitioning
- Trimmed music #4 to make it start right away
- Updated notes in PPT
- Corrected a link to go to the right slide
- Added "Sentence Practice" slide to some slides for easier access
- Changed the intro music
- Added "Skip-Intro" and "Skip to Game Mode Select" to save time
- Added a Japanese translation for students to easily understand the handicap (you can hide this in selection pane)
- Fixed "Make it" Button to go to the correct slide
- Made the music "harp" button easier to use. Click once to play the music, click again to pause the music.
- Added hyperlinks in "Sentence Practice" slides to quickly go back to setup screen
- Added an slide for sentence practice to act as a main screen
- Numbered the target sentence practice slides
Download here (over 40mb):

Things to do before class:
- [OPTIONAL] If you want them to make sentences, you’ll need to cut out words and put them in an envelope, this may take some time depending on how many teams there’ll be
- Make a random sentence generator I use this site ( to make the roulette (Of course there is nothing wrong with writing the sentence on the blackboard :) )
- Here are some roulettes I’ve made in the past:



Things to buy:
- Megaphones (you can buy them at Seria or Daiso) (Please refer to PPT for more info on this) (alternatively, you can tell the students to use their plastic desk sheet and roll it up into a megaphone. They go crazy over this!)
For detailed notes on how to play this game, it's all included in the notes section (PPTX file)

TLDR Ver (How to Play):
• 5-6 teams (depending on class size and how many players you want in a team) (it’s easier and quicker to play in rows)
• Give students about 30 secs to decide the order within their team where the 1st person (一番目) in line will be the one with the megaphone first
[OPTIONAL] Before starting, you can do some target sentence practice to make them feel more confident in producing the language but it depends on how much time you’re given
• Tell everyone to go to sleep
• Tell the first player in each team to wake up and have them remember the sentence
• If they’re struggling to remember or can’t figure out how to pronounce a word, quickly take them outside in the hallway and whisper them the sentence and then bring them back in
• Tell the students to do the “MARU” (circle) gesture above their heads to let you know that they are ready to start
• Once all students have done that, hide/erase the sentence from the blackboard/monitor
• Tell everyone to wake up and on the countdown of 3, they can all start
NOTE: The team with the least amount of players will have a handicap. They will need to wait 3-5 seconds before they can start.
MAKE THE SENTENCE: The last players will need to make a sentence and the JTE in the back will check the sentence to see if it’s correct
• The JTE will let you know which team was the fastest and you will be in charge in keeping track of the points on the blackboard (you can switch roles if you feel more comfortable to check the sentence and have the JTE tally the points instead)
• The fastest team gets 3 points, 2nd fastest team, 2 points, the other teams get 1 point
• 0 points if the sentence is not correct at all
SAY THE SENTENCE: The last players will run up to you (or to the JTE) and say the sentence using the megaphones
• The fastest team gets 4 points, 2nd fastest team, 3 points, the other teams get 2 points
• To be more forgiving, if they’re missing a word (like an article “a” or “the”) you can give them 1 point

- I recommend setting a time limit for each round (about 1m30s is enough)
- Since this PPT has a lot of slides and clicking around, please go through it at least once or twice.
- You don't have to play with points to play this game. :)

That's it! GLHF :)

Any feedback to improve this game/PPT is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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    Submitted by unoplusunoistu April 5, 2023 Estimated time: 15-30 minutes
    1. Rilakkuman April 7, 2023

      This is one of the most impressive set of instructions I've read on this website.

    2. unoplusunoistu April 11, 2023

      Thank you so much!
      That means a lot to me. :)

    3. Denden May 11, 2023

      Totally in love with this ppt. The instructions were top notch.

    4. villanuevajosephrobert July 5, 2023

      This is by far the best presentation I've seen.

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