Student PC/Tablet

Requires students to use their own PC or Tablet for the activity.

These activities require the students to have their own PC or Tablet device.

Students are supposed to have their own devices as part of the Giga School initiative, but it may depend on the school and area.

  • Crown Jr.5 Unit 1 Blooket game review

    This is a link to a Blooket game I created for the Crown Jr.5 textbook. The questions review topics and phrases covered in the Unit 1 section of the 2024 Crown Jr.5 textbook. There are 30 questions.

  • 5th Grade New Horizon Unit 2 Kahoot

    A quick Kahoot to review unit w of the New Horizon textbook for 5th graders.

  • Wasei Eigo Kahoot!

    3 kahoots about wasei eigo! First one has an example of how the game works.

  • Jujutsu Kaisen Review Game

    An adaptable JJK review quiz game. Can be used for any grammar point.

  • 6th Grade New Horizon Unit 2 Kahoot

    Quick Kahoot to review unit 2 of the New Horizon textbook for 6th graders.

  • 1st Term Performance Test Script (Here We Go! 6)

    My English head and I had decided to change up the script to make the conversation flow a little more naturally. (Based off Here We Go! 6’s “自分や日本のことを紹介しよう” script)

  • Directions App!

    Use default or student made maps to practice giving and receiving directions! This is an updated version of my Directions game - now with the ability for unique custom maps to be made and used!

  • Hockey Board Game COLLECTION

    Hockey-themed board game activity for various units to be used on LOILO NOTE.

  • NH2 AhaSlides Collection 🎮

    A review game collection for JHS New Horizon 2 (2021 Edition).

  • BuzzFeed Personality Quiz

    Character personality quizzes that focuses on the question "What ~ do you like?"

  • Animal Crossing Vacation Planning!

    Have your students take a vacation anywhere in the world, Animal Crossing New Horizons style! Students practice using gerunds and general infinitives in this activity.

  • Blue Sky Grade 6 Unit 2 Review

    Blooket that reviews everything covered in Blue Sky Grade 6 Unit 2 "Welcome to Japan."

  • NH1 AhaSlides Collection 🎮

    A review game collection for JHS New Horizon 1 (2021 Edition).

  • Blue Sky Grade 5 Unit 2 Review

    "My birthday is..." Students review months of the year, number endings (st, nd, th, rd), and target language of Blue Sky Elementary Grade 5 Unit 2.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 2 How's the weather kahoot

    Kahoot quiz for ES 4th graders.

  • Let's Try 1 Unit 2 How are you kahoot

    Kahoot quiz for ES 3rd graders.

  • Months and dates

    Teachers and students are able to click the months and dates

  • I have played Kahoot for two years.

    A 12-item Kahoot! to practice the difference between for and since.

  • Typhoon Mayhem - Review Game 🌀

    A new (?) and fairer way to play Typhoon that gives all teams a chance to pick a card each round.

  • Is he...? / Is she...? ("Who am I?") Game!

    Repurposed version of a lesson I made for elementary school, aimed at JHS 1年生 who are learning pronouns.

  • NH2, U1: Unit Activity, Summer Vacation Planning

    Students are tasked with planning and making an itinerary for their summer vacation using going to~ and will~.

  • New Horizon Kahoot Collection 🌐

    A collection of all the kahoots I've made for JHS New Horizon 1, 2 & 3 (2021 Edition). This collection also includes kahoots I made for the mini games (Tallest Tower, Robot Run, etc.)

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 2 How's the weather? Quiz

    Quiz based on sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy weather. Also includes the mentioned sports and activities from the textbook (make a snowman, play cards, play dodgeball, play tag etc.)

  • Junior Sunshine 6th Grade Unit 1 Review Kahoot

    A Kahoot I had put together to review the end of unit 1 in the Junior Sunshine 6 textbook for elementary school. Covers "I like...", "I can...", "I'm good at..." etc.

  • Bob Marley

    A small introduction of Jamaica's reggae icon in light of his upcoming movie

  • Board Game COLLECTION

    Power Point compilation of different units you can use to practice.

  • New Horizon 3 Materials ✏️

    A collection of all the worksheets and activities I've made for New Horizon 3 (2021 Edition).

  • New Horizon 5th Grade Unit 1 Kahoot

    A quick kahoot to review unit 1 of the 5th grade New Horizon textbook.

  • Class Subjects Blooket Review

    Review for Unit 1: Blue Sky Grade 5. Focuses on subjects in school as well as lowercase letters.

  • New Horizon 6th Grade Unit 1 Kahoot!

    A quick and easy kahoot quiz to review unit 1 of the New Horizon textbook for 6th graders.

  • English Newsletter

    A digital replacement for an English board

  • NH2 - U1 - Going to ~ pick your own adventure.

    Pick your own adventure ppt with the focus on "going to".

  • I like ~ (connect-four)

    Simple activity to practice the key sentence "I like~"

  • Hello!I’m Emily (Let's try1) Unit 1

    A simple conversation tracker to help students to keep track of the friends that they've already talked to.

  • Guess the country (3 hint quiz)

    This is a fun way to review passive voice and get students to learn more about other countries!

  • Description Activity Warm-up

    Share images on LOILO NOTE and have students talk in pairs and describe about something they choose from the list.

  • Commercial Project

    This is a long term project where students make a commercial for something in english.

  • "I want to _____." Vacation Activity

    A reading, writing, and speaking activity that involves no prep.

  • Let's Try 2: Units 8 & 9 KAHOOT

    A Kahoot review game for Let's Try 2: Units 8 & 9 with a BONUS section of one question each from all previous units.

  • Passive voice - Kahoot quiz - G2 - Here We Go

    Passive voice review

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