Hockey Board Game COLLECTION

Hockey-themed board game activity for various units to be used on LOILO NOTE.

Based on @derie214 's activity.

It's a pair activity.
Save the image on the slide regarding the unit in question and share it on LOILO NOTE (or whichever similar program).
Place the puck in the middle.
1- The janken winner moves the puck to wherever they want, preferably forward. (team Canada moves to the right, team Japan moves to the left)
2- The janken loser will ask the question (A), and the janken winner will answer (B).
3- Repeat 1-2.
4- When you are in the middle you don't stop at the middle circle, only at the beginning of the game.
5- When you are at the last stop before the goal, they can move, and make an original question/answer or just a free goal, up to the teachers.

P.S. I will try to add more units later.

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    Submitted by fukutanisan June 5, 2024 Estimated time: ~ 10-15 minutes

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