New Horizon Kahoot Collection 🌐

A collection of all the kahoots I've made for JHS New Horizon 1, 2 & 3 (2021 Edition). This collection also includes kahoots I made for the mini games (Tallest Tower, Robot Run, etc.)

New Horizon Question Collection

  • You can find all the Qs that I made here:

AhaSlides Games:

1st Grade:

U1-9 (~p.98):
Pronouns Review:

2nd Grade:

U1-6 (~ p.90):
U3, Scene 1,2, R&T1 (pp. 36-41):
U3 + LT1 (pp. 36-50):
U3 Review (pp. 36-43):
U3, 5, 6, 7 :
U6-7 w/ Superlative Trivia Qs (2024 Ver.):
U6-7 M. Focus Unit 7 + Superlative Trivia Qs (2024 Ver.):
U7 - 受け身 Review (Self-Paced):
U7 受け身 Passive Sent. Review:
LR3 Pictures and Our Beautiful Planet (pp. 122-3):

3rd Grade:

U1-3 :
M. Focus: Unit 1-U2S2 + Random Trivia Qs:
U2S2 Grammar:
M. Focus: Unit 5&6 + Random Trivia Qs (2024 Ver.):
M. Focus: Unit 5&6 (+U1-4):
[U5R&T1-2] Grammar (That vs Which):

Warm Up Games:

[1ST] NH1 Review (Warm Up):
[1ST][U4-U6S2] Grammar Review (M. Focus δΈ‰ε˜ηΎ) (pp. 38-60):
[2ND][U0-3S2] Grammar:
[2ND][U4] Grammar:
[2ND][U5-U7] Review (pp. 73-121):
[2ND] 受け身 Passive Sent. Review:
[2ND] 受け身 Passive Sent. Review (2024 Ver.) (U5S1&2 ONLY):
[3RD][U1] Grammar Review:
[3RD] New Horizon 3 WU Qs (+ EZPZ Qs):
[3RD][U1-6] Review (pp. 4 + 105) (M. Focus U5&6) (WU Ver.):
[2ND][LT3&4] Review (p. 81 + 93) (WU Ver.):
[3RD] NH3 (Warm Up):
[SP] Special Needs EZPZ Qs (Mix Ver.) 2.0:


  • There definitely will be questions about me, my JTE, my home country, etc. Make sure to make a copy and change the questions.
  • Because they're public, things may change or be removed at any time, so it's best to make a duplicate.
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  1. meatydog May 20, 2024

    LIFESAVER I will definitely be using some of these in the future!!

  2. unoplusunoistu May 21, 2024

    @meatydog Good luck! :)

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